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We can all agree that nobody likes taking the hard way to achieve a particular goal. This principle also applies to our beddings, whereby it would be nice if you could find a brand that offers you everything at a go rather than forcing you to shop for different items.

An excellent example of a name that would make everything easy for you as you furnish your bed is the Wolf Corporation. Besides mattresses, the firm also manufactures other items such as toppers, futons, and cotton batting.

This article shall focus on the Wolf Mattresses reviews to help you decide whether the product is worth investing in.

Here we go!

A Brief Overview of Wolf Mattresses

Wolf is a firm that has been in existence for close to 150 years. It is family-owned and incredibly famous for producing affordable traditional hybrid beds.  Also worth mentioning is that the company is the oldest Serta licensee and is known for the Serta Futons.

The company takes pride in their creativity whereby the rolling, compressing, and packaging of their innerspring mattresses and futons allow easier shipment and installation.

With close to a century and a half of experience in producing high-quality and innovative units, Wolf mattress is a name that is not likely to disappoint.

Wolf Mattresses

The Construction

To give you a clear picture of Wolf mattresses’ construction and the materials used, we will discuss the three main product lines of the units. Namely, they are Gray Wolf, Black Wolf, and Silver Wolf product lines.

Let’s look at them in detail.

Gray Wolf

There is a good reason why we recommend that you use this model for the guest room or for the kids who are, sooner or later, going to grow out of it. The construction involves a blend of 532 6-inch wrapped innerspring coils and a polypad.

Whereas the polypad is meant to offer comfort and softness, it does not excel too well in this sector. However, the discomfort is tolerable, and that is why we say it would be the best choice for the guest room where it would be used a few times per year. Further, the overall unit is inexpensive, and so you wouldn’t need to dig too deep in your pockets to acquire it.

The innerspring coils do an excellent job of providing the sleepers with the much-needed support. Further, the design assists in creating channels that allow for air circulation so that you can sleep cool and comfortably.

The model is available in Twin, Full, and Queen sizes plus also comes in medium to medium-firm levels of comfort. Therefore, it is easy to find a unit that meets your unique preferences.

Lastly, the Gray Wolf mattresses come with a 3-year warranty.

Silver Wolf

Next up is the mid-range model, whose outstanding aspect is the additional edge support. This feature’s significance is that it allows you to sleep along the unit’s side plus enables the mattress to maintain its shape for longer, thereby boosting its durability.

The other bit about the fortified edge support is that it offers more sleeping area. This is a feature that would appeal to couples and plus-size individuals who need extra space.

The last thing about this system is that a firmer edge helps spice up the intimate moments and gives you an easier time getting up from the bed either in the morning or other moments after relaxing.

The next thing to talk about is the CertiPUR foam, which is hypoallergenic and offers several layers of a comfortable sleeping surface. The construction that features a combination of this foam and the innerspring coils helps eliminate the sinking feeling that you would get in standard memory-foam units.

Besides coming in different firmness levels, the Sliver Wolf line is also available in pillow tops or Euro-style pillow tops version to give you more options to go for.

We also noted that all Silver Wolf units have stretch-knit covers made out of breathable fabric for enhanced airflow so that you can have cool, dry, and comfortable nights. Further, you could either get quilted or non-quilted covers.

Other notable features of Silver Wolf mattresses are the 10-year warranty and the availability of Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King sizes.

Black Wolf

The Black Wolf line of mattresses offers you a wide range of hybrid units for you to choose from. Therefore, we can confidently say there is an affordable option for everyone out there.

Let’s talk about the construction starting with the individually wrapped 789 8-inch innerspring coils which enhance the airflow through the unit’s foundation. Therefore, the nights will not get too hot for you. Besides that, the coils also help minimize motion transfer, which ensures couples sleep in peace even when one of them is restless in bed.

There are also the posturized coils in the middle section of the mattress to offer extra support and pressure relief. For this reason, heavy sleepers are likely to appreciate this product line due to the additional support they would be getting.

Another thing is that some models feature a combination of CertiPurVosic foam, memory foam, or latex. These materials aim to create a soft and comfortable sleeping surface minus a sinking feeling. If you want to enjoy foam benefits without the normal contouring to the body, latex units would be the best choice.

The other bit about Black Wolf mattresses is that they have fantastic edge support to offer you more sleeping areas and maintain the unit’s shape and durability.

We cannot leave out the 4-way stretch knit fabric cover, which is long-lasting and breathable. This fabric enhances the airflow so that you sleep cool at night and also help wick moisture from your body. The cover is available in the quilted and non-quilted form.

Lastly, the Black Wolf mattresses come in Twin, Twin XL, Queen, and King sizes.

General Observation on the Firmness and Support

The Wolf Mattresses come in different firmness levels, which can be modified via a cover. If you want to attain more softness, you should go for a quilted cover, while a non-quilted cover would be ideal for more firmness.

To identify a unit’s firmness, check out the labeling, which indicates whether a unit is plush or firm. On a scale of 1-10, the highest score of 10 is the firmest, while the lowest score of one is the softest unit.

For the Wolf units, the firm mattresses lie somewhere close to 7.5 while the plush units get a score of 6.

The Silver Wolf line offers exceptional support due to the higher number of coils pressure points relief. So, you can expect minimal pain and pains after waking up. As for the Black Wolf line, you will get the best support as a result of the combination of different foams and individually wrapped innerspring coils.

Lastly, the Gray Wolf collection is not the best in terms of support, and this explains why it is considered an ideal transitional option or for the guest room.

Why Should I go for Wolf Mattresses?

There are several reasons why we consider the Wolf collection of mattresses to be a reasonable investment. Let’s check them out briefly.

The Pros

The Support

With the innerspring construction that you get from the Wolf units, you can expect to get the perfect spine alignment from the mattresses.

Transitional Purposes

You may be moving from one apartment to another, or your current place is undergoing some form of renovation. This unit may not have the most advanced features, but it still has a lot to offer and would serve you well for the short period that you need it to do so. The support is excellent, plus it would not cost you a lot.

A Hybrid unit

The construction that features both coils and memory foam is one reason why Wolf units stand out from the competition. As a result, it offers just the right amount of support and comfort that you could want in a mattress.


It is hard to get a unit with the features that Wolf products offer but remains within ordinary individuals’ reach. The mattresses may not be luxury models, but there is enough to make any budget-conscious individual go for it.

The Cons

These units may be impressive, but they also have several turn-offs. Let’s see what they are in brief.

Pungent smell

There is an initial smell that you may not find attractive. However, the good thing is that it ides down over time.

Not fireproof

Many customers would be comfortable with fireproof units, which would enhance their household’s safety in case of an accident.

A Comparison of Wolf Mattresses and Other Brands

We thought it wise to compare the units from Wolf with other brands so that you can have an easier time deciding which one would serve you best.

Wolf VS Bear Mattress

Just like Wolf corporation, Bear also offers its customers three mattress models, to choose from. The first one is the original memory foam unit, which is rated highly by budget-conscious sportsmen.

Next up is the Bear hybrid is ideal for those looking for luxurious pressure relief. Lastly, there is the Bear Pro, which has an ultra-cooling quality and contours well to the body.

In general, the Bear mattresses do an excellent job when it comes to cooling your body at night, aligning the spine, and pressure relief.

When we compare these two brands, you find that Bear mattress has an edge when it comes to the customer support and warranty service.

Wolf VS Dream cloud

Dreamcloud is another leading brand when it comes to the production of hybrid mattresses. Here, you get two main models to choose from. The first one is Dreamcloud, and it is characterized by a comfort memory foam, pocketed coils, and a quilted cashmere blend cover.

The other model is Dreamcloud Premier, which offers more luxurious comfort. It features an extra inch of memory foam, a pocketed coil system, and more cashmere blend on top. 

According to the reviews we came across, side sleepers are more appreciative of the Dreamcloud brand. To top it all up, it comes with a 365-day trial.

With that short overview, it is easy to see why Dreamcloud is the winner here.

Wolf VS Resort Sleep

Resort Sleep offers us mid-priced units made of memory foam and gel to provide comfort and ultra-cooling qualities. So, you can expect a good night’s sleep without heating up.

However, many customers complained of false advertisement whereby some features that the manufacturer claimed were present are missing.

The above issue is one of the reasons why Wolf mattress would be a relatively better option.

Wolf VS Pang abed

Pangeabed mattresses are popular for their all-natural Talalay latex with copper infusion in place of memory foam. When you add the supportive poly foams and gel-foam, you get a bouncy unit that offers relief against aches and pains.

Overall, Pangeabed may be an affordable brand, but the company operation makes us doubt the availability of the product.

With those few comparisons, you can see that there are units that offer more than what Wolf mattresses do. So, if you find something that ticks all the boxes and is within your budget, then nothing should stop you from looking at the alternatives.

Other Aspects about Wolf Mattresses

One thing we believe you may appreciate with Wolf Mattresses is that they are made in the USA. Not only that, but the materials, too, are sourced locally.

Further, the manufacturing was done under strict protocols, and this should be an assurance that you are dealing with products of the highest quality.

Next, the beddings are designed to accommodate all types of sleepers. We have little to complain about the shipping as it is done efficiently to ensure that it takes the shortest time to get to you.

At no point did we come across a complaint talking about the products arriving damaged or in poor condition.

What Users Have Say about Wolf Mattresses: Reviews

In general, customer satisfaction in this product was 50/50. This is because we came across both positive and negative reviews. Further, some customers complained that the firm takes too long to respond to their queries, and this could easily drive them away to the competition.

When we look at the supportiveness, some customers found that the mattresses are not agreeable with their bodies. For this reason, we advise that you do proper research on a particular unit before settling on it.

We also noted varying reports on the units’ durability. Therefore, to be on the safe side, take your time to read the warranty terms and the return policy as well.

FAQs on Wolf Mattresses

As we looked at the Wolf Mattresses reviews, we faced some queries along the way. We cannot answer all of them, but the few we attempted should go some way in boosting your understanding of the topic.

What are the different models of Wolf mattresses available in the market?

The three models available for you to choose from include Gray Wolf, Silver Wolf, and Black Wolf. All of them have slight differences in their construction to cater to the customers’ different needs and requirements.

So, it would be wise to take your time with each product so that you find something that serves you well.

What is the importance of having a unit having enhanced edge support?

There are several reasons why anyone should fancy a unit with excellent edge support. First, such a system provides you with more sleeping areas since you can comfortably sleep along the edge.

Then, a good edge boosts the unit’s durability since it enables the mattress to maintain its shape for longer. Lastly, enhanced edge support makes it easy to get up from the bed either after sleeping or when sat down on it.

What is a hybrid construction?

This is a construction that involves both memory foam and steel coils. In the end, you get a unit with excellent support and better body contouring capabilities. However, not everyone is comfortable with the bounce such mattresses bring.

So, we recommend that you try out the unit before taking it home with you so that you do not regret your decision.

Final Word

If you are looking for a budget-friendly mattress that would serve you well as you prepare to upgrade to a high-end unit, Wolf mattress would be a good name to go for. You would still get a good night’s sleep while saving a lot of money.

Given that the manufacturer has been in this business for over a century, they certainly know what they are doing, and the product is not one that would disappoint.

So, if you feel that this brand satisfies everything you are looking for in a temporary mattress, go for it, and we believe you won’t regret your decision.

Once again, we emphasize on the need to try out the product before going home with it. After all, who wants nasty surprises after investing in something as sensitive as a mattress?

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