What Types of Mattresses Do High-End Hotels Use?

There are numerous high-end hotels spread across the world, and as you can imagine, the mattresses they use for their guests have to be high class as well. From the Hilton to The Peninsula, high-end hotel beds have one thing in common, and that would have to be luxury.

A good hotel will always strive to offer its customers the best especially when it comes to sleeping arrangements because they know what guests look for and of course, they want to make them return customers.

what types of mattresses do hotels use

What Kind of Mattress will you Find in a Five-Star Hotel?

Most high-end hotels tend to use pillow top beds to meet the different sleep demands of different guests. However, some hotels recognize that their guests prefer innerspring or memory foam mattresses with moderate firmness.

Regardless of the mattress used by a five-star hotel, what you need to keep in mind is that it will be lavish. That said; you may want to know more so below; we cover some of the mattresses used by popular five-star hotels.

The Fairmont

Fairmont is a popular name when it comes to hospitality, but you want to note that it is quite new to the mattress game. The hotel decided to do a complete overhaul of their beds in 2016 and came up with a luxurious mattress that includes cooling technology, memory foam, core support, and a plush pillow for their standard bed.

However, this is not the only bed that they have because they also have the Gold bed that has all the aforementioned features and an innerspring as well. Fairmont guests get to enjoy mattresses that combine vintage luxury and pioneering bed technology.

The Hilton Hotels

Even if you have not been to one, you probably know of a Hilton Hotel in your country. Well, this chain has an exclusive luxury bed that has its name and website. We are talking about the Serenity Bed that was explicitly designed for the hotels to provide guests with restful sleep.

It has an internal design that prevents it from breaking up as well as added coil support. These are crucial features especially because the beds are used frequently by different guests. Other than that, it comes with an exclusive quilted design that reduces restlessness and improves circulation.

Double Tree Hotels

DoubleTree is another high-end hotel but one thing you need to know about it is that it is technically owned by Hilton. This hotel has a signature mattress that is exclusively designed for its guests. They call it the “Sweet Dreams Bed”, which has a motion-reduction foundation.

It is therefore the perfect bed for couples who do not appreciate feeling their partners move while sleeping. One of the most notable features about this mattress is that it is flame-resistant as well hence ideal for clumsy individuals.

The Peninsula

Located in far-flung cities like New York and Hong Kong, the Peninsula’s hotels are known for their elegant and posh design. As you may have guessed, this extends to their beds which are custom made for each location. That means that every Peninsula hotel you visit in a different city will have a different sleeping experience.

Anyway, one of their best beds has to be the one used at their Beverly Hills branch. It features three layers of luxurious filling and quilting to cover it up. It also comes with 300-count linens and monogrammed pillowcases that add to the elegance guests look for when checking in to five-star hotels.

The Marriott

The Marriott hotels named its mattress the Marriott Bed. You will love this one for its memory foam that prevents your body from sinking. If you will be sleeping with a partner, you can count on not sinking into them when using this bed.

Now, if you prefer a firmer bed, Marriot does have one for you known as the Innerspring. It is a conventional spring mattress that is particularly designed for the individual who prefers a harder sleeping surface.

Final Thoughts

Well, there you have it. Those are some of the mattresses used by high-end hotels and as you can see, they are all different but have one thing in common – luxury. Another thing you will realize is that most of these five-star hotels do not rely on store-bought beds. Rather, they prefer to design their beds so that their customers can enjoy a personalized sleeping experience.

If you would like one for your home use, you will be pleased to learn that some of these hotels sell their beds so be sure to check out their websites.

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