Verlo Mattress Reviews: What You Need to Know Right Now

You probably will not know that getting the right mattress is a necessity until you wake up tired or with an aching back. This then means you are less likely to be well-rested or have a productive day.

However, it does not have to be that way as you can get help right here. As you pick a mattress, you need to consider several factors including cost and comfortability.

Verlo mattresses come with features that appeal to different customers so you may want to consider getting one from the stable.

According to different Verlo mattress reviews, these mattresses are worth trying. But how true is that? In the following few paragraphs, we’ll expose nothing but the truth about these mattresses.

Overview of the Verlo Brand of Mattresses

As you may have guessed, Verlo is a mattress manufacturing company and with their broad selection of mattresses, they are rapidly making a name for themselves in the industry.

The company is known for its innerspring mattresses that come in a range of qualities and prices. Right here and now, we want to tell you that their midgrade units suit most sleepers but some of their low-grade units are unlikely to give you value for money.

Verlo offers a broad range of mattresses and they are categorized into different collections. Each collection also comes with different options including firm, plush, no pillow top, and pillow top. With so many options available, we believe you will be able to get a unit that works for you and at a price, you can afford.

Moving away from the products, purchasing a mattress from Verlo is a unique experience for most people as the units allow for customization and are not available online as with most similar products.

Verlo Mattress Reviews


You get to enjoy several benefits when you buy a mattress from Verlo including:

  • Broad range of mattresses
  • Different price points
  • Availability in brick-and-mortar stores countrywide
  • Attractive lifetime guarantee


Just as with other mattress companies, you want to take note of the flaws that these mattresses come with before making your purchasing decision.

Some of the most notable drawbacks include:

  • No online availability
  • Verlo’s double-sided models lose their comfort after a while
  • The durability of the mattresses is questionable

Top 9 Verlo Mattresses: Latest Reviews

We want to take you through the construction of the various collections offered by Verlo. You may want to note that the price escalates with the collection number.

This should go a long way in helping you narrow down your choices.

1. Intro

This is the cheapest mattress from Verlo. Made from double thermal cotton bonded insulator, this unit offers adequate support for your body.

However, you will not get this unit in the plush option as it only comes in standard or pillow-top form. The most appealing thing about this mattress is that it is double-sided meaning that you can get a longer life out of it.

As such, it is best for a child’s bed or frequently used guest room.

2. V1

In the V1 collection, you will find mattresses that feature a combination of coils and foam to provide you extra comfort and support while sleeping.

The foam used in these mattresses is denser than the one used in similar mattresses from other brands and just like in the intro collection, this collection features firm and pillow-top options.

That said; you can also get it in plush or gel foam if you like that softer feel.

3. V3

For this line of mattresses, Verlo uses body adapting gel foam in the construction. This kind of foam comes in an open cellular design that makes mattresses breathable.

For that reason, the products in this collection perform better when it comes to wicking moisture away and dissipating heat.

Other than that, these mattresses feature cotton insulators that are thermally bonded to offer heat reduction and additional support in the areas of the mattress that accommodate most of your weight.

The v3 collection comes in firm, plush, pillow-top, and gel foam options. It is also double-sided so it allows your mattress to wear evenly.

4. V5

This mattress collection from Verlo features posterization technology. What this means is that the surface on the mattress that accommodates the most bodyweight is reinforced.

You probably think that this will compromise your comfort but nothing could be further from the truth. You can customize the units to get the firmness you desire.

This series comes in double-sided, pillow-top, plush, firm, hybrid, and gel foam options.

5. V7

The units in this v7 series are reinforced with high-performance fabric that efficiently eliminates excess heat and wicks moisture away from your body.

Just like the v5, this line utilizes the same posterization technology to provide additional support where your weight comes down heaviest on the mattress.

This also works to prevent aches and pains on pressure points that can develop while sleeping. 

6. V9

If you are looking for a mattress that will improve your blood circulation additional pressure point support as you sleep, you will probably find it in the v9 series.

The cover is made of special Tencel yarn that works effectively to eliminate moisture from your body and dissipate heat as well.

The units in this line come in pillow top, plush, firm, hybrid, and gel foam options.

7. V11

This is one of the most advanced mattress options offered by Verlo. They feature advanced sleep technology to offer your body the support it needs as you sleep.

Other than that, the mattresses are made of lavish cashmere fibers that perfectly eliminate moisture and dissipate heat all while providing a comfortable, soft surface for your body.

Unfortunately, this collection only features firm and plush hence limiting your options.

8. VLatex

Latex mattresses are gradually gaining popularity and you are about to find out why. The vLatex line is made from latex harvested from rubber trees.

They feature three layers with two top comfort layers and a thicker base layer. Latex delivers sterling performance when it comes to preventing motion transfer so you may want to look into this collection if you share your bed with someone.

Besides, the cover is made of soft cotton blended with Lycra spandex and polyester to provide you with an incredibly soft surface to sleep on that eliminates heat and moisture from your body effectively.

9. Sleepiphany

Verlo is also the company behind a new mattress brand known as Sleepiphany. The unit incorporates five foam layers that allow you to fully personalize the firmness.

All you have to do is unzip the cover and rearrange the layers until you get your desired firmness. The best part, however, is the layers are split so if you sleep with your better half, both of you can choose the level of firmness you prefer for your side of the bed.

Customer Reviews of Verlo Mattresses

Generally, consumers of this brand of mattresses seem like a satisfied lot. Majority of them rank this brand a 5-star. Roughly 3 percent of them, however, rate it a 1-star. We generally feel that this is a good manufacturer although they definitely have a couple of downsides as we’ll see below.

The Good

Verlo stands out from other mattress brands in that they do not sell their products online. Although some people may view this as a disadvantage, it is a unique selling point.

They continually offer their products in their showrooms and this may appear odd for a company that was launched in 2017 but apparently, it works for them this way.

Verlo focuses on building a personal relationship with each of their customers by assigning a sales representative for each customer. This way, you are in a better position to make the right choice as far as picking a mattress.

That said; the showroom is not the only engagement that Verlo offers. The company boasts of making unique pieces for any customer who requests for the same.

Other than that, each mattress from the Verlo stable comes with a lifetime guarantee. But what does that mean? Simply that you can contact the store that sold to you a mattress and Verlo will take it back to their factory to adjust it to how you want it. Nothing can beat that!

The Bad

We cannot fault Verlo for wanting to offer their customers a personalized shopping experience to fit their needs and create a bond with them.

However, this same strategy works negatively for persons who would appreciate the convenience of shopping online. The inability to purchase this way is certainly a limitation for the modern consumer.

On the other hand, Verlo offers a varying warranty on their mattresses that ranges between 9-5 years just like most mattress companies.

The issue here is that, this is a standard feature for units that claim to last the lifespan of any of the double-sided options from Verlo.

Many users have complained that double-sided mattresses from Verlo do not last as long as expected and they do not offer a good level of comfort.

Another complaint is that the service provided through the warranty was not up to standard and was extremely slow.

Therefore, before purchasing from the brand, you may want to decide if such shortcomings are a deal-breaker for you or not.

Which Mattress is Best for My Sleeping Position?

As you have seen, Verlo manufactures a broad range of mattresses so finding one that suits your sleeping position will not be a problem.

That said; the kind of firmness you pick and the comfort layers that a mattress features also has a lot to do with how comfortable a mattress feels.

You also want to note that these mattresses offer split firmness, which means that you can select the kind of firmness you prefer for your side of the bed if you share it with someone.

Side sleepers

Most people sleep on their sides and while this position is quite supportive, it does put pressure on your shoulders and hips.

In that regard, you want to go for a mattress that adapts to the shape of your body and offers pressure relief. We, therefore, recommend picking a plush mattress from the v3 collection and upwards.

Front/Back sleepers

If you sleep on your back or front, you will need a little more support so you would want to go for a firmer mattress.

Fortunately, Verlo offers the same but if their options feel too firm for you, you could add a little softness by adding a pillow top.

In case you share your bed with someone who has different comfort needs, we would recommend the Sleepiphany mattress from Verlo.

This is because it allows you to customize the firmness so that both of you can create the level of comfort that suits you.

Do These Mattresses Sleep Cool?

The last thing you want is to overheat while sleeping. Think about all that uncomfortable heat and moisture. Unfortunately, it is bound to happen at some point.

When it does, you want to have a mattress that can counter the same. Luckily, these mattresses feature innerspring coils and this makes them a better cooling option compared to foam mattresses.

The spaces between the springs allow for better air circulation hence allowing heat to escape and ultimately providing you with a cool sleeping experience.

Nevertheless, some of the collections from Verlo are better suited to sleep cool than others. You will realize that the higher you go as far as the collections and prices, the more the mattresses are designed to dissipate heat better.

When we say that, we mean that all the mattresses in the v3 collection and upwards are fitted with gel foam that works to prevent overheating. They also feature an open-cell structure to make them as breathable as possible.

Motion isolation

It is particularly important to consider motion isolation if you share your bed with somebody else. We bet you do not want to feel your partner moving from side to side in the middle of the night as it could disrupt your sleep.

The Verlo mattress collection from v3 and upwards come with comfort layers and conforming foam and hence works perfectly to isolate motion and adapt to the shape of your body so that you do not disturb your partner while sleeping.

Firmness, Texture, and Support

As far as firmness, you are going to love these mattresses because they can be personalized to achieve the kind of firmness you want. All the mattresses come with a minimum of two firmness levels and most offer four firmness levels. Surely, you should be able to find something that works for you here right?

The two main firmness options include firm and plush but you can add a pillow top if you want more softness.

Most of the mattresses in the Verlo collection come with soft covers that you will find comfortable for the skin but more than that, they work to wick moisture away and dissipate heat.

When it comes to support, all the units from the v3 collection and upwards offer adequate support seeing as they conform to your body shape.

Verlo Mattress Pricing

You are likely to get a mattress from the Verlo collection that suits your needs as well as your budget. This is because they offer a wide range of products at different price points.

It is not easy to come across a mattress company that offers extremely affordable units along with high-end options. This is one of the reasons why the brand is getting positive accolades and building a reputation.

That said; you want to keep in mind that the price you pay will vary depending on whether you choose a single-sided or double-sided model and whether you want optional finishes like a pillow top.

Now, for the Verlo range of mattresses, the cheapest option is the Intro single-sided that goes for no more than $99 for a queen size.

The most expensive option is the vLatex double-sided mattress that comes with a pillow-top finish. It retails for not more than $2,899 for a queen size.

However, to find the exact price of the mattress you want, it is important to check the Verlo website where you will get all details. Moreover, if you are unable to pay for a unit in a one-off, some Verlo stores allow credit agreements and installments.

Shipping Information

There is no precise shipping information when it comes to these mattresses since they can only be accessed in the company’s brick-and-mortar stores.

If you are interested in delivery details, you will be better off reaching out to your nearest retailer, and while on that, you want to check with your stockist whether Verlo offers mattress delivery and white glove delivery.

That said; Verlo does confirm that buyers may be required to pay shipping costs. They will exchange or repair your mattress if it is confirmed to be faulty. If the material or model is unavailable, the company will offer the closest alternative.

Note that Verlo has the right to refuse to check, repair, or replace a mattress if it arrives in an unsanitary condition.


All the warranties covering these mattresses are non-prorated and cover manufacturing defects that directly affect how the mattresses function.

Now, the warranty period will depend on the model you pick. For instance, the Intro unit comes with a short warranty period of only 3 years. As you go higher up, the warranty period increases for up to 15 years, which is more than what most mattress brands offer.

A Verlo warranty covers indents measuring 1.5 inches or more, protruding, or broken springs. It does not cover damage caused by using an unsupportive bed frame, or normal wear and tear.

Warranties from Verlo are not transferrable and what this means is that you cannot use anybody else’s warranty for your mattress.

Are These Mattresses worth the Investment?

It is highly likely that you will find a mattress in the Verlo collection that will match your needs. They manufacture a broad range of mattresses that they sell at different prices.

Therefore, whether you want a soft, firm, latex, gel-foam, or innerspring mattress, you will find one in this series.

Verlo presents you with the opportunity to walk into one of their stores and engage with a sales representative who will help you make the right choice. Once you choose, they package your purchase in a single easy package.

Since the company manages all its stores, you never have to spend your time researching to find a retailer that is offering the best price. Besides, you get all the information about their trial periods, shipping, and warranty details.

The best part?

They remain consistent.

The performance of these mattresses isn’t too bad either as most of them come with the sleep cool and motion isolation feature and they conform to the shape of the body. This makes them ideal for most sleepers.

In that regard, we feel that these mattresses are a great choice if you want a customizable experience and a good mattress that does not come at a steep price.

Frequently Asked Questions

You probably have several questions when it comes to Verlo mattresses and we are up to the task. We have answered several below to help you get a clearer picture.

Are Ikea mattresses good quality?

Yes, they are. This is based on reviews. According to most users, IKEA innerspring and latex appear to have the best overall reviews. Although they are a bit pricier, they make up for that by providing durability.

Are Verlo Mattresses any good?

Yes, they are if you are looking for units that come with the sleep cool and motion isolation feature. However, these mattresses do not perform as expected when it comes to durability.

What is the best mattress brand?

It may be difficult to pick a particular brand because many in the market manufacture well-performing units.

In that regard, you may want to look at the features of a particular mattress and find out what other users are saying about it through reviews.

That way, you will be better placed to make an informed choice.


We are finally at the end of this review and you now know what to expect from mattresses from the Verlo brand. At this point, you want to ask yourself if any of the mattresses from the stable is a good fit for you.

Of course, the answer lies with you. On our part, we feel that since Verlo manufactures a broad range of hybrid and innerspring mattresses so it should be easy to find something that will suit your needs and preferences.

That said; you may want to look at other mattress brands before making your purchase because the durability of these mattresses has been questioned severally.

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