Spring Air Mattress Reviews

What’s in a mattress? This is an old-age question that no one seemed to have a definite response. However, with time, different individuals and groups have paid more attention to the product to unravel the mystery. Through in-depth research on mattresses, customers now know what to look for when shopping for a mattress.

Some of the factors to guide you as you search for the ideal item include the construction, firmness, sleeping position, among others.

The other thing about mattresses is that many brands in the market are claiming to be the best in the business. One such brand is Spring Air, and we have reason to believe it is one of the best names to go for.

For this reason, we will take you through Spring Air reviews and any other pertinent issues on the unit so that you can understand the hype behind the product.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews

Build Quality

To understand how this unit from Spring Air is made, we will have to talk about the different products in the line. This is because all the units are made from a combination of different materials and have something different to offer.

This implies that different sleepers would easily find what they are looking for in each product.

Spring Air Mattress Reviews

The particular mattresses that we will look at include:

  • Spring Air Denali Hybrid
  • Spring Air Four Seasons
  • Spring Air Hotel & Suites Collection
  • Spring Air Hope Collection
  • Spring Air Chattam and Wells

Spring Air Denali Hybrid

There is a good reason why you would be skeptical about investing in this unit. This is because it is not always easy to find a product that markets itself as luxurious and affordable at the same time as this unit does. The main reason behind this low pricing is the materials used in its construction.

Rather than the standard design of hybrid mattresses that feature a combination of coils and foam and latex, Denali only uses foam and latex. These two layers do an excellent job when it comes to the provision of comfort and support as your body requires.

The latex layer is crucial for the bounce that you would have gotten from a spring design, and you are likely to have an easy time getting out of bed when you wake. Couples are also likely to appreciate this bounce when they are getting intimate. As for the foam, it may not be of the most advanced quality, but it contours to your body to keep you from sinking into the unit as you sleep.

We also liked that this unit is available in firm and plush versions to select your most ideal type.

However, you will have to contend with the low heat dissipation that the mattress has.

Spring Air Four Seasons

With the construction that features pocketed coils and foam layers, we were confused as to why the Four Seasons mattress is not referred to as a hybrid unit. Away from that, we can confidently say that this mattress is an upgrade of the Denali version.

This is mainly due to the higher-quality foam that is gel-infused. So, its heat dissipation is much better as the gel creates airwaves at the top layer for air-circulation without compromising comfort and longevity.

The increased airflow around and through the mattress also helps in wicking moisture away from your body, and this is vital for a relaxed and comfortable sleep.

Another notable feature of this unit is the ‘zip and flip’ cover, which you can change depending on the season. If it is winter, a warmer cover will do while summer calls for an excellent heat-dissipating cover.

Besides that, the removable cover is easy to clean, making it easy to maintain a clean and fresh look.

Last but not least, you have firm and plush versions of this mattress to choose from. As if that’s not enough, there are pillow top and euro-style pillow-top options to choose from. In case you are wondering what the difference is, the euro-style top is one where the pillows are sewn directly into the cover. As for the pillow-top mattress, you get an extra layer under the cover and on top of the mattress.

Spring Air Hotel & Suites Collection

It is easy to see why many individuals think of Hotel & Suites Collection as the best version of the Spring Air lineup of mattresses. The main reason behind this thinking is the outstanding construction that features a blend of memory foam, latex, and pocketed coils.

So, end up with a unit with excellent heat dissipation and ensure that you remain dry as you sleep. The gel-infused foam assists in the airflow plus contours to your body’s shape for a comfortable sleep.

As for the latex material, it is responsible for the soft feel of the mattress plus provides a great bounce that ensures you have an easy time waking up in the morning from the unit.

Also worth mentioning is the fantastic edge support that this unit offers, which ensures you can sleep in your favorite position without worrying about rolling off the mattress as you sleep. Besides that, fantastic edge support such as the one that this unit offers helps maintain its shape for longer, which translates to a longer useful life.

We cannot conclude without talking about the pocketed coil system that helps eliminate pressure points, which often leads to uncomfortable nights or aching joints the morning after.

Lastly, the Hotel & Suites Collection mattress comes in different firmness levels, and you should keep in mind that the firmer the unit, the longer the duration in which it will be useful to you.

Spring Air’s Hope Collection

This version of Spring Air is characterized by pocketed innerspring that make up a supportive core that is crucial for pressure relief for parts such as the joints, hips, and shoulders. Further, this core does an excellent job of motion isolation, and this feature would be appreciated by couples so that one person does not disturb the other with their movement.

When it comes to the comfort layers, they are made from Nu-Temp foam, which provides pressure relief and does not retain heat as much as standard foam does.

Spring Air Chattam and Wells

There are a lot of features in this unit that would impress anyone looking for the ideal Spring Air mattress to invest in. For instance, the supportive innerspring core that comprises of offset coils to allow for excellent body contouring.

There are also the comfort layers that are made of mini coils Joma wool, convoluted foam, and Talalay latex for a comfortable sleep through the night. Last but not least, the hand-tufted mattress features a breathable Tencel cover for airflow, which leads to cooler nights.


The Spring Air Mattresses’ thickness varies between 9.5 to 16.5-inches, with most of them lying around 13.5″ thickness. The downside to this measurement is that some individuals, especially the shorter ones, may find them too thick to get on and off.

A simple solution to this issue is by making use of a low-profile foundation.

The Firmness

The Spring Air Mattresses come in different levels of firmness, ranging from soft to very firm. This implies that you can easily find the option that works well with body type and your sleeping position.

Spring Air and Different Sleeping Positions

Spring Air has a different firmness option for different sleepers, only that you should also consider your body weight before making a decision.

Take a look at the different Spring Air mattresses and how they work for different sleepers.

Front and Back Sleepers

Due to the innerspring cores found in Spring Air mattresses, front and back sleepers would be very comfortable sleeping on this unit.

If you sleep in any of these two positions, consider going for the firmer versions of Spring Air.

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers need a unit that can take some pressure off their hips and shoulders, and this is something that Spring Air mattresses can offer. This is due to the conforming foam comfort layers that enable the unit to mold your body’s shape.

The pillow-top mattress is a model of Spring Air that side sleepers would appreciate greatly.

Couples/ Combi Sleepers

The main reason why couples would like this unit is due to the pocketed innerspring in the support cores that offer an excellent level of motion isolation. So, if your partner moves a lot during sleep time, you would not be disturbed.

As for the combi sleepers, there is always a model that would provide a comfortable sleeping surface in whichever position you go for.

Spring Air Mattresses and Sleeping Cool

If you are wondering whether Spring Air mattresses sleep cool, the answer is yes, they do. We attribute this to the various technologies that aim to enhance the unit’s cooling abilities. These include gel-infused memory foam and phase change fabrics, which are designed to adapt to temperature changes.

For this reason, overheating will out of the equation.


Since the Spring Air range of mattresses is sold via third-party retailers, there is no specific policy regarding shipping. So, everything on this aspect, including the pricing, will depend on the agreement you have with your dealer.

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Sleep Trials and Returns

Just like shipping, there is nothing specific regarding the sleep trials and returns, and it all depends on the retailer that you will be dealing with. Therefore, we advise that you hold a discussion with your retailer concerning the returns policy and arrangements before committing to buy it.

The Warranty

In general, Spring Air mattresses are covered by a 15-year warranty. However, this is subject to some conditions. For instance, if you want a free replacement or repair of the unit, the damage should have occurred within the first two years of purchase.

Once this period elapses, a similar service would cost you a 1/15th of the current selling price times the number of years the mattress has been in your possession. Further, there is also a $50 inspection fee after the initial two years.

Keep in mind that all shipping costs lies with the customer.


  • The warranty only deals with indents deeper than 1.5.”
  • The cover or handles are not part of the warranty cover
  • Damage due to owner misuse is not covered by the warranty
  • If the unit is returned in an unhygienic condition, the manufacturer has the right to refuse to inspect it

Pros and Cons of Spring Air Mattresses

We will now look at the advantages and also the drawbacks that it comes with. Let’s start with the advantages.


The following is a summary of the various aspects whereby Spring Air has the edge over competing brands:

The pricing

When compared with the competitors, you will find the Spring Air mattress to be very inexpensive.

No foul odors

We liked the lack of chemical odors, which are often found in new products and would easily put you off.

Available in different models

The brand has an impressive selection of models, all of which are designed to accommodate different types of sleepers.

Back Support

According to customer feedback that we came across, the back support that Spring Air mattresses offer is one of the best out there.


The unit is made from high-quality materials, which ensure that it serves you for a decent period into the future.


This unit may be fabulous, but it also has its fair share of drawbacks. Let’s see what they are.

Warranty period

The warranty period of 10-years is too short compared to some of the competitors.

Prone to sagging

With time, the mattress tends to develop some sagging


As the unit ages, it develops squeaking sounds, which some users find to be very annoying, especially the couples having fun in the bedroom.

Alternatives to Spring Air Mattress

We may have mentioned that the Spring Air range of mattresses is a very affordable option. However, it lies in the mid-range pricing, which may be out of reach for individuals looking for a product that offers similar support and pressure relief levels.

So, we shall introduce you to some brands which we believe are viable alternatives to the Spring Air line of mattresses and would give you full value for your money.

Puffy Mattress

The first item on our list is an affordable memory foam mattress that offers excellent pressure relief and cool sleep. It is a medium-firm mattress that side sleepers would mainly appreciate who want some relief for their hips and shoulders.

Nectar Mattress

Due to the universal comfort firmness rating, couples and combi-sleepers would find this unit to be very appealing. It is designed to offer support, comfort, and pressure relief to all types of sleepers. Besides that, the Nectar mattress is designed to be breathable, and this allows you to sleep at tolerable temperatures.

Novosbed Mattress

The outstanding aspect of this model is that it offers customizable firmness. So, you can select the level that you feel would be most appropriate for you. We can, therefore, confidently say that with Novosbed, there’s something for everyone.

Different Spring Air Mattress Reviews

The ratings we are going to state in this section are all based on user experience, and it aims to show you what makes the brand favorable compared to other competing names.

Based on what we gathered from this unit’s owners, the mattress rates very highly in terms of comfort, pricing, and the different varieties that are available. Overall, Spring Air mattress has an owner satisfaction rating of about 67%.

However, many people had issues with the unit’s nosiness, while the durability was also not that impressive compared to some brands such as Sealy and Simmons.

How Much Does It Cost?

When it comes to Spring Air Mattresses, there is a lot of variations in the pricing. It could be due to the different models produced or the fact that there is no specific product retailer. However, the average price of a queen-size unit hovers around $1000, and this makes it a mid-priced unit.

Wrapping It Up

If there is one thing we can all agree on is that Spring Air is a reputable brand when it comes to the product of affordable yet high-quality units. So, if you are out for a unit that offers excellent support at a bargain price, this brand would be a viable option to go for.

Even better is that the units are not restricted to specific stores and are available at different retail outlets across the country. This implies that you do not have to look very far to get the unit that meets your preferences.

Do not be put off by the drawbacks, such as a short warranty period and noise issues since there is always a way to work around them.

Although we believe that this is an item that would please you a lot, always take your time and compare it with competing brands so that you can see which one gives you full value for your money.

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