Why Does Sleeping on a New Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Your bed is supposed to be your safe space to relax and forget all the stress you have gone through all day long. However, some of us never experience this luxury and constantly wake up with aching and stiff backs.

In most cases, these pains come about if your mattress is worn out and past its due date. However, it is also possible for a new mattress to leave with back pains.

If this information seems new, you have to the right place as we shall tell you how a new mattress can leave you with back pains.

In addition to that, we shall provide you with a simple mattress buying guide to help you know the options available for you.

Why Does Sleeping on a New Mattress Cause Back Pain

Why Does Sleeping on a New Mattress Cause Back Pain?

Sleeping on a brand new mattress can indeed leave you with a sore back. This is because a new mattress has a break-in and adjustment period during which your body gets used to it. So, it may be a while before your body fully adapts to the ideal support or the new feel.

Additionally, the mattress could be different from what or thought you felt at the store. Therefore, when it comes to actually using it, the back pains will remain contrary to what you expected.

How to Tell that Your New Mattress is Giving you Back Pains?

The first thing you need to know is that there are numerous causes of back pains, and tracing the source of the discomfort may not be that straightforward. So, how do you tell that your mattress is the culprit?

There are certain clues you should look out for, and the first one is the timing of the pains. If you experience this pain after waking up, there are chances that your mattress is responsible.

Then, if you constantly find yourself restless, tossing and turning in your bed trying to get some sleep, it could indicate that the problem lies with your mattress.

So, if you experience any of the two pointers that we have given, your mattress is probably the reason why your back is not as it should be.

How a New Mattress can Cause Back Pains?

In most cases, whenever your mattress is the source of your back troubles, you often rush to get a new one. However, there are some things that you need to keep in mind to understand why this move may not be an instant solution to the problem.

The Adjustment Period

When you switch from a mattress that you have used for years to a new one, there is a transition period you should know about. Even if the old unit didn’t give you the best experience in its sunset years, your body probably got used to it.

So, when you invest in a newer product, it may not be comfortable initially, although it will be great for your back in the long term.

Depending on the brand, the first three weeks may not be the rosiest, and you will likely experience back pains in this period. After that, the pains may ease, and you get to enjoy your new mattress.

The Break-In Period

In this instance, think about your sneakers or any other pair of shoes which were once new. At first, they were stiff but softened up with time. In the same way, mattresses have components such as foam and springs that come stiff, but they soften up to conform to your body as time goes by.

This period of stiffness to softness is what we refer to as the break-in period. There is nothing alarming about it and should instead tell you that the mattress is functioning as it should.

The break-in period may be quite long, about nine weeks, before the mattress conforms to your body.

And if you feel that the mattress is too stiff for your liking, consider going for a mattress topper to soften things up.

In General

It may take some time to get used to a new mattress, but it is worth the wait. With time, your back pains will significantly reduce and subside, and the quality of your sleep will also improve.

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4 Types of Mattresses you May Buy

Now that you know something about the new mattress and its link to back pains, we now present you with some of the options you may go for.

1. Hybrid Mattress

This mattress’s construction features a combination of memory, polyurethan foals, latex, coils, and other assorted materials. It is considered the best, and this may explain its priciness.

2. Memory Foam

Next up is a mattress that is popular due to its support, pressure relief, and body contouring. Some are equipped with cooling properties, and you may appreciate the pronounced hug that it offers.

3. Adjustable Mattress

Here, we have a type of mattress that allows you to adjust the sleeping position by inclining the back and elevating the feet. It would be perfect for you if you have a particular medical issue, lower back pain, or are elderly.

You may be lucky to find a luxurious version that offers massages and vibrations.

4. Latex

This type features an exclusive latex foam construction and is popular for its comfort and cooling abilities. However, it lacks the hug and contour common with memory foam mattresses, which is an aspect that some of you may appreciate.

Other types of mattresses out there include:

  • Coils
  • Pillow-top

Final Word

With that, we hope you have understood why a new mattress may cause you back pains. You can take solace from the fact that this problem is often temporary and goes away after some time. Further, the long-term benefit is that your back will feel great, and you will sleep better.

Hopefully, you will find a mattress that will give you full value for your money with all the comfort that you desire.

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