Queen Vs. King Bed – What Is the Difference Between Them?

We are all familiar with sharing a full-size or twin-sized bed with someone. Twin-size or full-size beds can feel uncomfortable to share due to the fight over the blanket and the struggle for sufficient sleep space.

A twin-sized bed measures only 38 inches in width. The full-size mattress, which measures 56 inches wide, is easier to share because it measures 16 inches wider than a twin. These smaller mattresses can be tiring of sharing. If you’ve been sharing a smaller mattress for too long, you might need a queen or king-sized bed. These beds are ideal for sharing or simply for relaxing in comfort. But first you need to know king or queen which is bigger?

Queen Vs King Bed

How much bigger is a king than a queen?

Did you know that a king-sized bed is more significant than a queen? A king-sized bed is larger. The first thing to do is measure each bed. The smaller size, the queen, measures 153cm by 203cm. The larger, king-sized bed measures 183cm by 203cm. You can see that there is no difference in length, so both sizes can be great for taller people.

The significant difference lies in the 30cm extra width the king-size mattress can boast. It may seem strange that anyone would choose a smaller mattress. There are many things you should consider when choosing a mattress size.

Which Size Is Best for You?

For couples or families, king- and queen-sized beds can be great choices. Here are some things to consider when choosing between the two.

Who is your sleeping partner(s)?

A queen bed is sufficient for most couples, although a king or larger mattress may be preferred by those who need more space. Couples who share a bed with their pets or children will be happier choosing a king.

Your size, weight, and sleeping position

Both your physical size and preference for a queen or king bed will impact the decision. A king-sized bed is a better choice for couples who are physically larger. A California king is a larger bed than a standard queen or king and may be preferred by taller people. In general, stomach and back sleepers prefer to have a little more space than side sleepers.

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How much do you have to spend on a new mattress? A queen bed of the same brand and type will cost $100-$300+ less than a king. Bedding, foundations, and bed frames will all be more expensive than a queen of the same brand. The larger king size will cost more. Queen is a good option if you have a limited budget.

Size of the Bedroom

How big is the space you intend to put the bed in? To get an idea of how each size will fit in the space, it’s a good idea to measure your bedroom before you buy a new bed. It is recommended that you leave at least 24 inches between your bed and any surrounding wall or furniture. A king-sized bed is 16 inches larger than a queen and can make smaller rooms to feel cramped.

Ease in Transport

King mattresses are much more difficult to transport than queens. A queen-sized bed can fit in truck beds and cargo vans. It will fit into most trucks, cargo vans, and other vehicles without any difficulty. Also, it is easy to climb stairs and navigate around corners. King mattresses can present more problems for movers. A queen mattress may be better if you move often.

Variations in the Bed Sizes of King and Queen

Split-Queen Size Mattress

A split-queen mattress is not as typical as a split-king. However, it’s similar in design. Split queen mattresses are made up of two mattresses measuring 30 by 80 inches. These two mattresses measure the same size as a queen-size mattress. Split-queen mattresses offer two levels of firmness, which is a significant advantage. It isn’t a standard US-size mattress, so it might not be easy to find.

Olympic Queen Mattress Size

An Olympic queen-size mattress is slightly larger than a standard queen-sized mattress but less than a king. The mattress measures 66 inches by80 inches and can be used for 6 inches more width. However, the extra space can be costly. A king-size mattress is a better choice if you need a bigger mattress than a queen. The majority of newer mattresses on the market do not have Olympic-sized variants. It’s also challenging to find a bed frame that is this size.

Queen RV Mattress Size

A queen RV mattress measures five inches less than a standard queen-size bed. These mattresses measure 60 by 75 inches and are specially designed for recreational vehicles. This mattress size is not easily found, much like custom-sized mattresses. Because they can fit two people in a small space, full-size mattresses are more common in RVs.

Split-King Mattress Size

Split-kings have been growing in popularity with the adjustable base. Split-kings are basically two twin XL mattresses that are connected. This is a great option for couples as they can choose different types of mattresses for each side. The mattress can be paired with a split king adjustable base to adjust each side to an individual height. This allows for customized comfort.

King RV Mattress Size

Similar to a queen RV Mattress, king RV mattresses are made specifically for recreational vehicles or trailers. The largest possible RV mattress that can be used in a vehicle is the king RV bed. King RV mattresses measure 72 inches by 80 inches. However, this may vary depending on the width or length of your vehicle.

California King Mattress Size

The California king mattress is the best choice for tall people. Although the California king mattress has the same surface area as the standard king-size mattress, it is longer and narrower. Cal king mattresses measure 72 inches by 84 inches, which gives sleepers an additional 4 inches. This is the best choice for people who don’t want their feet to hang off the end of their bed or master bedrooms with narrower designs.

Texas King Mattress Size

At 80 inches by 98 inches, the Texas king size mattress is the largest available in the oversized mattress category. It is 4 inches wider than the standard king-size bed and 18 inches longer. This bed is ideal for families that enjoy weekend sleep-ins with their children or those who are very tall.

Wyoming King Mattress Size

The Wyoming King Mattress is 84 by 84 inches in size with a unique square shape. The bed can be placed in a room measuring at least 14 x 16 ft. This size mattress, like most oversized mattresses, is difficult to find.

Alaskan King Mattress Size

Finally, the massive Alaskan king mattress is here – it’s the biggest oversized mattress you will find. The mattress measures 108 inches by 108 inches and can be placed in a bedroom with a minimum of 16 by 16 feet. Alaskan king-size mattresses are ideal for those who wish to spend a lot and still feel like a queen or king.


While it might seem obvious that a queen is the best choice, both queens and kings have their advantages and disadvantages. Whatever your choice, make sure you consider all factors. We hope you found our guide helpful and that you’re now ready to make the best decision for your home.

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