IKEA Haugesund Mattress Review: Latest Facts + Guide

If you are looking for a high-quality yet affordable mattress, the Haugesund mattress from IKEA is one option you ought to look at. This is because it gives us various reasons to believe that the product would offer you full value for your money.

Besides being relatively cheap, the mattress is well-made from a combination of Polyurethane foam and pocketed springs. On top of everything, the unit comes with a 25-year warranty, and this discloses just how long the manufacturer expects the mattress to serve you.

We believe that this is a product that would not disappoint you, and that is why we have decided to compile a detailed IKEA Haugesund mattress review. This will help you see its main features, and you will be better placed to decide whether the unit has what it takes to suit all your preferences.

A Brief Overview of IKEA

They need no introduction. But IKEA is a Swedish company that joined the furnishing industry in the 1950s.

Since then, the company has established itself as a global leader in the production of low-priced yet affordable items.

As the company found its footing across Europe, it expanded its operations to include the production of a variety of things. These include kitchenware, household décor, and bedroom furnishings. This is precisely where the mattresses came about.

It is amazing how the brand has maintained its reputation over the years as one of the leading producers of affordable furnishings.

IKEA Haugesund Mattress

Key Features of the Haugesund Mattress from IKEA: A Review

You obviously are here to learn specific facts about this particular mattress. And now, without further ado (forgive the cliché), it’s time to unpack the individual qualities of the Haugesund.

The Packaging

We were impressed with how professionally the packaging was done to ensure that the unit could not be exposed to any damage. It was enclosed in a plastic wrapper, which was further sealed with Velcro straps.

You will need a knife or a pair of scissors to open the package, though you have to be cautious not to pierce the mattress.

When it comes to unrolling the mattress, you have to start by undoing the Velcro straps, and we recommend that you do this on the bed frame that you intend to use. This would save you the hassle of having to carry it from the floor onto the bed.

From there, proceed to cut through the thick layer of plastic to break the vacuum seal. This will mark the beginning of the mattress decompressing, and you should remove the plastic as the mattress gradually expands to its real height.

In about three minutes, the mattress had expanded to its full size, although experts insist that it would be best to wait for 3-4-days before you start sleeping on it.


The Haugesund unit is made out of polyurethane foam and individually wrapped pocket springs, and this combination enables the unit to offers ample support and comfort.

The mattress is divided into three different layers, and we will look at them individually briefly. Thetop layer features a PU foam, and it offers the cushioning and comfort that you normally find in a mattress.

Next up is the 7-inch layer made of pocketed springs, and it is responsible for the bounce and support that this unit offers. Lastly, the PU support foam acts as the mattress’ base, and it helps distribute the body weight evenly across the sleeping surface.

We will also mention the 3″ foam sidewall that runs along the mattress’ perimeter. This layer is crucial in giving the unit fantastic edge support.

The Cover

This unit’s cover is made from a polyester and cotton combination to give it a plush and soft feel. The white top features several sets of stitched lines that run parallel to each other. When it comes to the sidewalls, they are brown and characterized by white stitching that ends up forming a square pattern.

We only wished that this cover could have been removable to help in its ease of cleaning.


According to tests submitted by third-party engineers, this unit has a firmness rating of 7.0/10. So, we could classify it somewhere between firm and medium-firm, which is not that bad for your back.

However, we were a bit disappointed with the hug as we felt it was somewhat insignificant.

Motion Isolation

Due to the individually wrapped pocket springs, this unit has impressive motion isolation. For this reason, couples would find it appealing as it allows your partner to sleep comfortably at night, even when you move around.

Further, the mattress is designed to contour to your body’s shape, and this provides the comfort and support needed for a comfortable night’s sleep.

The Bounce

Going by the testing done by expert engineers on this unit’s bounce capability, there is little to complain about when it comes to this aspect. The reports give the mattress a score of 8.3/10 on the bounce scale, which is quite impressive.

Temperature Regulation

One thing we liked with the Haugesund mattress is that it allows you to have a cool night of sleep. This is due to the combination of poly-foam and springs that ensures the heat-retention does not get to uncomfortable levels.

Further, the cover has a cotton cover, making it breathable to allow for sufficient air circulation.


Lightweight individuals and children would find the mattress perfect due to its plush nature. However, heavier folks would cause the mattress to experience sagging.

The individually wrapped pocket springs allow the mattress to contour to your body’s shape, and it also plays a part in motion isolation, which couples need.


Although the unit may be relatively bulky, it features side handles that make its movement easy.


With the IKEA Haugesund mattress, you have four size options to choose from. They include twin, full-double, queen, and king size in ascending order and are priced differently.

The Design

This is a one-sided mattress that you cannot flip over. This aspect’s significance is that the unit may not be as durable as you may want, as flipping helps ensure the wearing does not overwhelm one side more than the other.

The Haugesund and Different Sleeping Positions

This mattress will favor certain sleepers over others. We will briefly analyze how the different types of sleepers would make use of this unit.

Front and Back Sleepers

Due to the firm support that this mattress offers, back and front sleepers would be very comfortable. The support is very impressive, even if you go for the medium-firm option.

Side Sleepers

For the side sleepers, this unit may seem to be too hard. This is because it may not offer the pressure relief for the hips and shoulders as the side sleepers would require.

But if you insist on going with this option, we recommend that you use a mattress topper that would offer the relief you are looking for.

Combi Sleepers/Couples

In most cases, medium-firm mattresses can accommodate all sleepers and would be perfect for combi sleepers and couples. However, we found the Haugesund mattress to be firmer than anticipated.

For this reason, for the combi sleepers and couples to be comfortable sleeping on this mattress, they ought to be front or back sleepers.

The Environmental Aspect

As time goes by, more people are becoming more conscious of the impact various products have on the environment. This implies that customers are more willing to invest in products that would not negatively impact the environment.

We took our time to research how IKEA ensures that Haugesund mattress production adheres to the company’s eco-friendliness philosophy:

  • All the materials used in making the mattress are certified as eco-friendly. They include Polyurethane, Polyester, Steel, and Cotton. Even the packaging involves materials that wouldn’t harm the environment, such as fabric strapping and recycled plastic.
  • Another eco-friendly policy is that all returned mattresses are recycled so that they do not pile up in the surroundings.
  • The company insists on sustainable sourcing of the raw materials to avoid causing permanent damage to the environmental system.

The above policies are some of the measures that IKEA has taken to ensure that the brand is not associated with any form of environmental degradation.

Factors to Consider as you Go Shopping for A Mattress

Searching for the perfect mattress is not as easy as it should be. For this reason, we shall provide you with a few pointers on the factors to look out for when searching for the ideal unit.

Here they are.

The Construction

It is vital that the unit you select to be made out of high-quality materials. When shopping for an innerspring mattress, the coil count is an important factor to consider as it determines the support and weight distribution that the unit offers.


This feature determines the kind of sleepers that would be most comfortable on the mattress. For instance, side sleepers would be most comfortable on softer mattresses since they can sink and adjust to the body’s shape.

On the other hand, stomach sleepers would find firmer options to be appealing as it enables them to stay afloat on the unit.

The back sleepers would be more suited for the medium-firm units provided they provide sufficient cushioning.


If the unit is made of top of the line materials, it is likely to serve you for a longer period than if it had been made of lower-quality materials. The ideal useful life of a mattress should be eight years and beyond.

You should also make a point of reading customer feedback on a particular product to see how it held up over the years after constant use.

The Warranty Period

The standard warranty period for mattresses is 10-years, and you may find some brands even exceeding this duration. A long warranty period is often an indicator of the confidence that the manufacturer has in the product.

It is also essential that you take your time to read through the warranty terms just to be on the safe side.

The Pricing

It is human nature to be attracted to items that cost less, and this rule applies to mattresses too. However, most of the inexpensive units do not last that long, and you may find yourself shopping for a new mattress within a short while.

Even though the pricy products tend to be of top quality, you should be keen to go for something that offers you full value for your money.

As we mentioned earlier, the pricing of this unit varies with the size that it comes in. So, the pricing is as follows:

  • King Size-$349
  • Queen Size-$249
  • Full Size-$229
  • Twin-$169


Just like any other IKEA product, you will have to foot the shipping expenses. Then, the item is roll-packed to ensure that it is not easily compromised along the way.

Another thing you need to keep in mind is that it will be around 3-4 days before the mattress is ready for safe use.

Warranty/Return Policy

In most cases, you will find mattresses with 10-year warranties. However, with the Haugesund model, you get a whopping 25-year warranty. This is quite impressive, considering that we have already given a hint that this product is not as durable as you would expect.

Besides that, the product comes with a 365-day trial period that allows you to test and decide whether it has what you are looking for in a mattress.

There several things that you need to know about the return policy. First, for the unopened mattresses, you can get a full refund within 365-days as long as you provide proof of purchase. If you had used your mattress, you would be subject to the “Love it or Exchange it” policy that allows you to exchange the unit for another within the same period.

If you end up choosing a pricier mattress, you are expected to pay the price difference. And if you go for a cheaper one, you will receive a product credit that will go towards future purchases that you make with the brand.

Who is the IKEA Haugesund Mattress Most Ideal For?

Due to the affordable pricing of this unit, any budget-conscious individual would be drawn to it. The specifics groups that are likely to go for this mattress include college students, new apartment owners, and bargain hunters.


There are a few reasons why we believe this unit is worth investing in. We shall analyze these factors below briefly.

Reasonable Price Tag

When you compare this mattress to its main competitors, you realize that it is relatively inexpensive. This is one reason why it is one of the most popular brands you will find in the market.


Another notable aspect of this unit is the firmness that it offers, which is mostly appreciated by the stomach sleepers. For those who find it too stiff, a mattress topper would allow you to continue enjoying this sleeping unit’s services.


We liked the various options that you get to choose from. The unit comes in two levels of firmness i.e., firm and medium-firm. Further, you also have four different sizes at your disposal, and they are king, queen, twin, and full sizes.

The Warranty

With this product, you get one of the longest warranty periods in the mattress industry. At 25-years, the warranty is much longer than the 10-years that you get with most units. This should show you how much the manufacturer believes in his product.


Due to this unit’s overall high-quality construction from the best materials, you can expect it to serve you for many years to come. Sagging will be out of the equation, and this mattress would be a reasonable option to use in the guest room.


Just like everything under the sun, this product has its fair share of drawbacks. These disadvantages include:

  • It is a one-sided mattress
  • Not ideal for heavyweight individuals
  • Some complaints of a foul chemical odor

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

If you still have some unanswered questions concerning this IKEA Haugesund mattress review, you may find this section to be very useful. We have compiled some queries posed by similarly curious individuals, and we hope you find your answers somewhere in there.

Is this mattress ideal for side sleepers?

We wouldn’t recommend this unit for side sleepers since it has two settings that fall under the ‘firm’ category. So, it does not offer the pressure relief around the hips and shoulders as side sleepers would like.

Why is the Haugesund mattress recommended for lighter individuals and children?

This is probably due to the 10-inch thickness, which is somewhat thin. For this reason, the heavier people would not be comfortable sleeping on it.

Does the mattress sleep cool?

Yes, it does. This is due to the breathable core that allows for maximum air-circulation and reasonable heat-retention. So, you will not experience overheating as you sleep at night.

Final Word

If you are searching for a firm mattress for your child or to use in the guest room, the IKEA Haugesund unit would be a reasonable option to look at. Besides the impressive physical aspects that it possesses, the unit has one of the most affordable prices in the market.

Most of all, it has a 25-year warranty and a 365-night sleep trial, all of which should give you the confidence that you are investing in a world-class product.

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