Detailed Hampton Rhodes Mattress Review – Latest Facts

Are you in the market for a mattress? Then you need to know that picking the right one will not be a walk in the park.

Do not let that scare you though because the ultimate goal is to get comfortable and quality sleep every night.

Perhaps you have heard of Hampton Rhodes or not but in this detailed Hampton Rhodes Mattress review, we are going to look at everything you need to know about their mattresses before making your purchase.

An Overview of Hampton Rhodes Mattress

Hampton Rhodes is not a popular brand when it comes to mattresses. Well, at least not like other brands out there.

Nevertheless, this is not to say that the company does not have some noteworthy pieces. Hampton Rhodes offers decent quality beds at affordable rates depending on what you need.

Detailed Hampton Rhodes Mattress Review

The styles and costs vary depending on which mattress you want from their collection but you can be assured of quality sleep with this brand.

The Good

You do not have to wake up with aches and pains, as is the norm with a good number of people. Your mattress should offer relief for your pressure points so that you sleep and wake up well.

That is what you get with Hampton Rhode beds because they come with a memory foam layer and innerspring.

The innerspring provides an extra layer of support to give you more support than you may not get from other memory foam beds. Hampton Rhodes has created a unique design by combining the two.

Moreover, most of the mattresses from the stable come with a gel-infused layer, which is great for persons who sleep warm. The layer’s job is to keep your body cool while sleeping.

You may also want to note that most of these mattresses will not require flipping. You therefore do not have to worry about committing your time and energy doing the same.

The Bad

The biggest issue when it comes to Hampton Rhodes beds is that they tend to lose their firmness over time. Although this is not necessarily a shortcoming especially for people who prefer softer beds, it could be an issue for sleepers who require more support.

Besides, extreme softness can lead to other issues such as sagging. Anyway, sagging does happen over time so you can enjoy the mattresses for a while before it happens.

Another issue with these beds is that they tend to develop a smell. Granted, the smell does disappear after several days, but it can be a deal-breaker for some buyers.

Mattress Collection

It is now time to look at what the Hampton Rhode line has to offer.

Cool Gel

This 8-inch model is a Cool Gel Memory Foam bed. It can help you avoid tossing and turning throughout the night. This is usually due to discomfort in the pressure points.

Memory foam works to eliminate the same. Besides the top layer comprises 2-inches of memory foam and sleeps cools as it utilizes gel to dissipate heat.

At the base, you get 6-inches of supportive and dense foam that forms the base and ultimately gives the bed its shape.


This particular unit comes in a flappable design. Each side of the mattress comes with a comfort layer of convoluted polyfoam.

What this does is to adapt to the shape and size of your body so that you can sleep as comfortably as possible.


You probably will not notice this just by looking but this unit does not come with a comfort layer. However, it does have a support core comprising of bonnel coils and 420 ‘VertiCoil’.

As for the cover, it is made of jacquard material quilted with foam for extra comfort.


Here, you get a comfort layer of polyfoam as well as a support core consisting of the bonnel coils and 420 ‘VertiCoil’ that the HR100 contains.

Again, just like the HR100, this unit’s cover is made from quilted foam and jacquard fabric.


Moving on swiftly is this all-foam bed that features a single polyfoam layer. The support core comprises a polyfoam base and a memory foam top layer.

This ensures that the mattress maintains its shape and offers optimal comfort.


This one includes a comfort layer made from two polyfoam layers. As for the support core, it comes with the same bonnel coils followed by a base layer of polyfoam.

The cover comprises an inch of quilted foam.


The first thing you want to note is that this is an innerspring bed with a layer of high-density polyfoam incorporated into the comfort layer.

The support core has pocketed coils that help in sleeping cool and a polyfoam base layer follows this.

The cover comprises two inches of quilted foam.

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Here you get layers of high-density and standard foam as well as zoned gel memory foam in the comfort layer.

There is a middle layer that comprises pocketed coils and a polyfoam base layer. The cover is a dense knit of quilted foam.


This one comes with a comfort layer and a top memory foam layer. The bottom layer is made of high-density polyfoam to support the weight.

The cover is foam quilted.


In this bed, you get two memory foam gel layers in the comfort system. As for the support core, it is made from heavy-duty polyfoam.

Its quilted cover consists of layers of high-density and standard foam.


As for this one, the first thing you want to note is that it is a hybrid make with layers of polyfoam and memory foam in the comfort layer.

The support core comprises 768-pocketed coils to provide you with just enough support to eliminate pressure point pain.

This bed gives a plush feel and isolates motion so you never have to worry about your partner’s movements if you share a bed.

San Martin

Away from that, there is the San Martin that comes layers of polyfoam and gel memory foam in the comfort system. This allows you to sleep cool.

The cover is a stretch-knit quilt.


This is a 14-inch hybrid, pillow-top mattress. Not only does it offer pressure relief it also prevents you from tossing and turning all night.

It also comes with a comfortable and breathable cover that plays a part in helping you sleep cool and reducing pain in your pressure points.

Moreover, the mattress features springs that help in promoting airflow as well as a sturdy core for the mattress. Note that this bed only comes in the California King Size or King.

Mattress Construction

Each of the units from Hampton and Rhodes comes with several variations in terms of thickness.

Keep it here as we discuss the three types of beds made by the company.

Memory Foam

Memory foam beds are gradually gaining popularity and understandably so. Hampton Rhodes offers one in 8 inches known as the Cool Gel Mattress.

This unit comprises two layers with the top layer consisting of a special cooling gel that dissipates heat so that you can sleep cool.

The second layer is more of a base layer and is therefore firmer.

Innerspring and Hybrid

Hampton Rhodes offers more hybrid and innerspring beds more than other types of beds. A great example of their hybrid beds is the Trinidad, which is 10.5″. This unit comes with two foam layers on top of a pocket spring structure.

The top layers are softer and offer sufficient support for most sleepers. That said; heavier sleepers may feel the springs instead of experiencing the support they are supposed to offer.

If this is the case, you may want to opt for a pillowtop bed from the same brand.

Pillow Top

We have already covered Hampton Rhodes mattress variations. Now, their pillow-top mattresses are categorized into the HR series that goes from HR 100 to HR 500. 

You want to keep in mind that the greater the suffix number, the greater the thickness of the mattress. The pillow-top beds differ from the hybrid and innerspring options in terms of construction. Pillow top beds come with a low profile top over a foam layer.

The two layers are placed on top of an assortment of pocketed springs. This offers additional support for some sleepers especially those that prefer innerspring beds but do not appreciate feeling the springs.


As far as covers, the one for the Cool Gel bed is far much better compared to the typical covers that gel foam beds come with. This is because it is made from a quilted and stretched material with extra padding stitched in.

When it comes to their pillow top, hybrid, and innerspring beds, they have the same cover made from quilted diamond pattern and stretch-knit.

The cover has extra padding stitched in to improve the comfort you get when sleeping on the beds.

Firmness, Texture, and Support

Now that we have the construction as well as cover that make each Hampton Rhodes bed special out of the way, you probably want to know how much support and firmness they have to offer.

We will therefore categorize this section into the three main mattress types from the stable.

Cool Gel

This bed comes with a classic memory foam texture. It has several foam layers that do an outstanding job of providing a blend of a solid support base and comfortable softness.

The foam offers a rounded body curve that is more like what latex foam mattresses offer. The result is a walled-in or sinking feeling.


As you may have guessed, the HR Series varies in its texture, firmness, and support with the firmness ranging from medium to extra firm.

Note that the firmness level does not have any connection to the series number. For instance, the HR 100 is extra firm while the HR 500 is medium-to-medium firm.

Ultimately, the support you get from these beds will depend on your weight and body size. This means that light sleepers are bound to feel more support even at lower firmness levels while heavier sleepers may want to look for firmer beds if they want a good level of support.

Pillow Top

As we mentioned previously, each of the pillow top beds from Hampton Rhodes comes with a unique texture.

For instance, the Aruba has medium firmness while the Trinidad is more of a firmer option. The construction of the pillow top layers has much to do with how much support you will get.

All pillow-top beds from the collection come with the 768-coil base. This means that you get the same base firmness and feel from each bed.

The support base offers an outstanding level of support. This is because the enveloped nature of the coils combined with their abundance gives you all the support you need in the right areas. Besides, the springs are extremely responsive making these pillow-top beds a great option for sexual escapades.

Where to Buy Hampton Rhodes Mattresses

It is important to keep in mind that the manufacturer of Hampton Rhodes mattresses does not sell them directly. Instead, they distribute and sell through third-party retailers.

As you can imagine, this comes with both merits and demerits. A good example is on the pricing. The price will generally be higher since you will be buying from a third-party seller. On the flip side, there will be several retailers selling the products so there will be variations in pricing. That means you can look for the best price.

Another issue has to do with delivery. For sure, each store stocking these beds will have its unique policies on delivery. This may or may not be a good thing depending on what you want.

That said;

These beds are sold in brick-and-mortar stores so you will have the opportunity to test them before purchasing. As such, you do not have to worry about trial periods or returns.

This also works if you are unsure about which of their units has your desired level of firmness.

Overall, having to buy from third-party sellers makes the purchasing process a bit more tiresome and inconvenient for some people but if you are up to the task of searching for the best deal, you may enjoy this.

Warranty and Trial Period

Since the beds are sold in brick-and-mortar stores, each seller offers its trial and warranty period. This then means that you will need to look for a retailer that offers an attractive combination of the two factors.

Granted, it is good to have different options, but if you are not ecstatic about putting in the work, this may be a turnoff.

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Price Range and Availability

If you are looking for an easy and quick way to purchase a bed, you will be pleased to learn that Hampton Rhodes offers their mattresses for sale online.

Of course, this adds convenience to your buying experience. The price of the beds ranges from $100 to $800. Therefore, if you are looking to replace or upgrade your mattress, you should consider looking through this collection to see if you can find something that will meet your overall comfort needs at your price range.

For the HR series, you want to keep in mind that the price increases with the number.

What Are People Saying?

We have perused through several customer reviews and the feedback we are getting is that most of the Hampton Rhodes beds provide responsiveness, edge support, and dissipate heat effectively.

These mattresses come with different firmness levels to accommodate different kinds of sleepers and their comfort preferences.

As far as the price point, these mattresses are significantly cheaper compared to similar ones. Also, they are widely available with about 3500 brick-and-mortar store locations in the country. That along with the fact that they are available for sale online makes them easily accessible.

On the flipside…

Some buyers have complained that these beds produce some noise, which can be annoying. Another complaint when it comes to these beds is that they tend to sag after a few years of use. This means that thy have a shorter lifespan and are not as durable.

There have also been complaints that the warranty coverage for these mattresses is not as impressive compared to other bed manufacturers. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We believe you have several questions when it comes to this topic. We have tackled a few that could be of help.

Which mattress brand does Hampton Inn use?

According to the chain of hotels, they use Serta. The mattress is available on their website so if you are interested you can head on over there or simply purchase from other stores that stock the mattress.

Is the Hampton and Rhodes mattress brand any good?

Yes, it is. According to customer reviews, the mattresses from the company retain little body heat, offer great edge support, and are responsive.

The mattresses also come with several firmness levels to suit different types of sleepers.


Honestly, Hampton Rhodes beds are not as unique as you may have wanted seeing, as they do not come with special features. We can categorize them as just another good brand.

The company makes beds with and without memory foam, latex, and springs. Same old stuff. As such, if you intend to purchase a bed from them, you need to determine what you need.

Overall, the mattresses are of decent quality and offer decent performance but if you are looking for more, you may want to continue your search.

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