10 Best Tempurpedic Alternative Mattresses 2023 + Buyer’s Guide

If there is one thing we can all agree on, TEMPUR-pedic is the pacesetter of high-quality mattresses. Over the years, the brand has revolutionized matters concerning sleep as it has rarely failed in offering the comfort and support we look for in a bed.

However, this quality often comes with a high price tag, which is often out of ordinary individuals’ reach. The upside to this is that many manufacturers have noted this issue and decided to help in finding a solution.

So, over the years, there have emerged numerous brands that manufacture high-quality mattresses with the same benefits as TEMPUR-pedic but at an affordable price.

In this article, we will review the best Tempurpedic alternative mattresses so that you can have an easy time finding the ideal product.

Here we go!

Top Alternative Mattresses for Tempurpedic: Comparison Guide

In this section, we will review a sample of brands that we consider to be viable alternatives to Tempurpedic. Hopefully, your ideal unit lies somewhere on the list.

RankingMattress NameTrialWarranty
1Puffy Mattress101-Night SleepLifetime
2Awara Organic Hybrid365-Night SleepForever
3Level Sleep Mattress365-Night SleepLifetime
4Novosbed Mattress120-Night Sleep15 Years
5DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid365-Night SleepLifetime
6Eco Terra Hybrid Latex90-Night Sleep15 Years
7Helix Sleep Mattress100-Night Sleep10-15-Years
8Birch Natural Mattress100-Night Sleep25 Years
9Tuft & Needle Mattress100-Night Sleep10 Years
10Layla Memory Foam Mattress120-Night SleepLifetime

1. Puffy Mattress

Made in the USA, Puffy Mattress opens our list of the top-quality Tempurpedic alternative mattresses. It may be pricy, but we have reason to believe that this unit is worth every cent it costs.

Let’s see what this product is all about.

Product Description

First, this mattress comprises four different layers designed to offer additional levels of comfort. The base layer is made out of HD polyurethane foam, which makes the product perfect for you if you are prone to joint and back pains.

Next is the dual cloud foam that contours to your body’s shape to offer excellent pressure release. You are also sure to like the hugging sensation that this foam provides.

The other notable feature is the cooling cloud foam that offers a comfy and plush sleeping surface. When this top layer combines with the one below, the pressure around your joints will be greatly relieved.

Other Features and Benefits

This unit’s top cover is stain-resistant and removable. Further, it can be machine-washed, and this gives you an easy time cleaning it.

Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty to assure you of the quality that the product packs.


  • Stain-resistant cover
  • Has a lifetime warranty
  • Offers pressure relief


  • Expensive

2. Awara Organic Hybrid Mattress

If you are looking for an eco-friendly option, here is the product you ought to look at. The mattress is made of purely organic materials to ensure that it is free from elements such as lead and synthetic wool.

Our review shall tell you more about this unit.

Product Description

Let’s start with the cover, which is made out of natural cotton that is GOTS-certified. This aims to assure you that the cotton is not exposed to any potentially harmful elements. On top of that, organic cotton tends to be softer and looks good too

Then, there is the transition layer that comprises GOLS-certified Dunlop latex, which ensures that the sleeping cushion is durable, bouncy, and with fantastic heat-dissipation.

We will also touch on the pocketed coils to give the mattress more flexibility. This is crucial for pressure relief on the joints.

Other Features and Benefits

We liked how the unit regains its shape fast after any movement while holding the constituent layers intact.

Overall, the mattress is tall, and it helps in providing support to the hips and spine alignment. This is a feature that stomach sleepers would greatly appreciate.

Lastly, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Eco-friendly construction
  • Great heat-dissipation
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Only one firmness option

3. Level Sleep Mattress

What else would assure you of a unit’s suitability for your comfort than being recommended by world-class sleep researchers? Well, that is what the Level Sleep mattress offers as it is clinically tested and proven to improve the quality of your sleep.

Our brief review below shall dig deeper into the main features of this product.

Product Description

The first thing to talk about is the patented TriSupport layer aimed at reducing overall discomfort as you sleep. There is a softer layer that allows your shoulder to sink to minimize pressure.

The second relatively soft layer helps in spine alignment by contouring with your hips while the firm section supports your lower back and torso.

Another benefit of this mattress is that it is versatile and works with all types of frames.

Other Features and Benefits

This unit is engineered, tested, and manufactured in the USA under strict protocols to ensure it is of the best quality. Further, it is CertiPUR-US certified as being free of any potentially toxic substances for your safety.

The cover, on its part, is removable so that you have an easy time washing it.

Last but not least, the product comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • Compatible with different frames
  • Easy to clean cover
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Not for heavy individuals

4. Novosbed Mattress

Is customizable firmness the dream feature you are looking for in a mattress? If it is, the Novosbed mattress has the answer to your problem. Besides having three firmness settings, you could always make any other adjustments depending on your preferences.

Here is a brief review of this unit.

Product Description

Let’s start with the support zone made of high-density foam that distributes your body weight evenly across the mattress’s surface. This aspect is crucial for balanced support for your back and joints while maintaining their longevity.

The next thing to discuss is the comfort layer that makes air circulation to be possible. This is crucial in allowing heat to escape so that the bed becomes cooler at night for your comfort.

Also worth mentioning is the supportive transitional memory foam that is designed in a way that ensures couples do not disrupt each other’s sleep during the night in case one of them is restless.

Other Features and Benefits

We cannot forget the memory foam comfort layer that contours to your body’s shape for pressure relief, which leads to a comfortable sleeping area.

The eco-friendly Tencel cover is designed to suck moisture from your body as you sleep to keep you dry and comfortable. Further, it is removable and can be machine-washable for convenient cleaning.


  • Has a 15-year warranty
  • Offers free shipping
  • Has adjustable firmness


  • Unimpressed with the edge support

5. DreamCloud Luxury Hybrid Mattress

This is a medium-firm unit that would accommodate different sleeping positions. For this reason, it would be most appealing to couples who have different sleeping styles. However, we noted that side sleepers who weigh less than 30lbs complained of the mattress being too firm.

Other than that, let’s see what we get from this item.

Product Description

The first feature to discuss is the base layer, also known as the Edge Shield Coil System. It comprises wrapped springs that allow for body support without motion transfer. Further, there is an extra row of springs along the mattress’s perimeter to boost the edge support to extend the unit’s useful life.

The next benefit is the deep pressure release, which is a result of the dense memory foam that molds to your body’s shape swiftly.

Besides that, this second layer features gel particles that divert heat away from you at night so that you can sleep comfortably in cool temperatures.

Other Features and Benefits

The high-loft memory foam top layer is another aspect to talk about. It is held together by a cashmere fabric cover that offers a breathable and comfortable sleep surface and molds to your body’s shape.

Also, the cover wicks moisture away at night so that you remain dry and comfortable.


  • Offers sound motion isolation
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions
  • Has a lifetime warranty


  • Too bulky to move

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6. Eco Terra Hybrid Latex Mattress

As the name suggests, this is a product that is entirely made from organic materials. For this reason, it is perfect for you if you are an environmentally conscious individual who wants the best for your surroundings.

Find out more in our brief review below.

Product Description

The construction of this unit involves purely organic materials, including Talalay latex, organic cotton, and organic wool. All these materials offer a combination of comfort and durability in the mattress.

Next, this unit comes in two firmness options; medium and medium firm. The significance of this availability is that it allows the mattress to accommodate different sleeping positions.

Another thing is that this product has sufficient air circulation so that the temperatures are tolerable as you sleep.

Other Features and Benefits

We cannot leave out the buoyant latex and responsive coils that provide relief for pressure points. This feature makes this unit ideal for those prone to joint pains and backaches.

Then, the product has a non-toxic construction to avoid contact with potentially harmful elements.


  • 100% organic construction
  • Perfect for all body types and sleeping positions
  • Undergoes product testing


  • No motion isolation

7. Helix Sleep Mattress

The thing that stands out for us with the Helix brand is that there are thirteen different models for you to choose from. So, customers with different preferences could always find something that suits them in this product line.

Let’s see what this unit has to offer.

Product Description

As we mentioned at the beginning, there are different models for different individuals according to height, weight, sleeping position, and a host of other characteristics. Also, the mattresses are available in a different firmness, from medium-soft to firm.

The next thing is that the unit features eco-friendly foam layers that are CertiPUR-US certified as an assurance of environmental-friendly quality.

We liked this mattress’s customizability, whereby you can upgrade the outer cover to an Ultra-Cool cover if you deem it necessary.

Other Features and Benefits

Nobody likes extra costs in acquiring a product, and that is why we find the free shipping of goods within the USA and Canada to be very appealing.

Another assurance of quality by the manufacturer is the 100-night trial period on offer.

To top it all up, this item comes with a 10-15-year warranty.


  • Free shipping
  • Perfect for overheating sleepers
  • CertiPUR-US certified


  • Not ideal for individuals under 130lbs

8. Birch Natural Mattress

Eco-friendly products are the in-thing at this moment in time, and mattresses have not been left out. There has been an increasing demand for eco-friendly beddings that offer quality and value for money.

Here, we shall introduce you to Natural mattresses from Birch, a brand associated with high-quality eco-friendly products. Let’s see what the product is about.

Product Description

First, this is a hybrid model characterized by a thick comfort layer and pocketed coil support cores. Even though the body contouring is not that great, this mattress offers exceptional buoyancy.

Then, the top layer comprises organic and natural wood batting. The significance of this material is that wool is breathable plus has moisture-wicking qualities. So, you can expect cool and comfortable sleeping temperatures.

The next layer is made of natural Talalay latex, which is well-ventilated to offer airflow, and this promotes the cooling aspect of the mattress. Further, the latex has the necessary certifications to prove its non-toxic composition.

Other Features and Benefits

We liked the edge support due to the thick coils lined up along the perimeter of the mattress. Further, an extra layer of organic wool batting offers support and stability as the base layer.

As for the individually wrapped coils, they help in minimizing motion transfer, which is crucial for partners with different sleeping positions.

Other notable features include free shipping, a 100-night sleep trial, and a 25-year warranty.


  • Non-toxic certification
  • Limited motion transfer
  • Great side support


  • The sleep trial has a 30-night break.

9. Tuft & Needle Mattress

Tuft & Needle is a brand that has established itself over the years as a leader in the production of high-quality mattresses. If you are wondering whether this product reaches the high standards associated with the brand, check out the brief review we have done on the product.

Product Description

First and foremost, this unit features adaptive memory foam designed to adjust to different body needs. The top layer is 3-inch thick for comfort and support while the base is 7-inch thick for stability.

Then, the unit features a cooling technology that draws heat away from the body, and this is a feature you would appreciate if you are prone to hot flashes at night. Besides that, the breathable fabrics allow help in preventing heat build-up.

Another benefit is that the mattress is compatible with any frame, which saves you the hassle of shopping for a particular kind of structure.

Other Features and Benefits

Besides being a low-cost item, this mattress also comes with a 100-night free trial whereby you can test whether it suits your preferences. The unit also comes with a 10-year warranty to show the confidence the manufacturer has in the product.

Lastly, you have three levels of firmness to choose from: medium-soft, medium, and medium-hard.


  • Even edge support
  • Breathable fabrics for airflow
  • Affordable


  • Annoying order when new

10. Layla Memory Foam Mattress

The last item on our list may be one of the priciest units you may ever come across, but it certainly offers you value for your money. The high pricing implies that the features here are closer or similar to what you get in Tempurpedic units.

Below are some of the outstanding features of this item.

Product Description

The first exciting bit is the dual-sided structure that allows you to flip the unit to get the ideal firmness. Further, there are two firmness options for you to choose from.

Next up is the high-density support core foam that offers support for your back and joints. On top of that, the layer is crucial in minimizing motion transfer for a comfortable sleep.

There is also the airflow support foam with air channels to boost the unit’s breathability. As a result, you can expect minimal overheating at night.

Other Features and Benefits

Let’s also talk about the cover, which features the Thermo-gel cooling technology that helps cool you down at night.

Have we mentioned how attractive the unit looks? This is due to the stitched hexagon pattern on the cover that makes it pleasant to look at.

The other important features include free shipping, a 120-night trial, and a lifetime warranty.


  • Made in the USA
  • Has a double-sided structure
  • Ideal for all sleeping positions


  • Too expensive

The Buying Guide to High-Quality Alternatives to Tempurpedic Mattresses

In the market, many brands claim to produce the best alternatives to Tempurpedic mattresses. Therefore, to make your search easier, there are several factors that you ought to look out for.

This would ensure that all your interests would be addressed in the product that you end up with.

Below are some of the factors to consider.

The Firmness

A unit’s firmness is crucial for your comfort as you sleep, and it is essential that you get this aspect right. The first thing you need to know about a mattress’s firmness is that it is measured on a sliding scale of 1-10. The lower the figure, the softer the unit is, and vice versa.

The ideal firmness depends on several things. For instance, front and back sleepers tend to settle for medium-firm and firm units due to the back support. As for the side sleepers, soft or medium items would be most appealing as they allow for pressure relief on the shoulders and hips.

Then, couples with different sleeping positions should go for medium-firm units as they are designed to accommodate any position.

Ease of Cleaning

To determine how easy the unit is to clean, ensure that the cover is zippered to allow for its removal. Even better is that the cover could allow for machine washing, making the cleaning process easier for you.

Online Reviews

It would also be smart to do your online research and see what customers are saying about the product. You could be lucky to find individual comparisons between your item of interest and Tempurpedic.

This would help you gauge the closeness or similarities of features between the two.

Your Budget

In general, alternatives to Tempurpedic should be cheaper. However, having a price range in mind would go a long way toward narrowing down your options. Keep in mind that a higher price range does not always translate to quality.

Also, watch out for offers and discounts to enable you to spend less.

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Warranty and Sleep Trials

These two factors help in eliminating the risk factor in the product. Both of them should be a decent duration to give you ample time to watch out for any pertinent issue.

And in case it comes to making returns, first understand whether you will be incurring any additional cost.

FAQs on Ideal Tempurpedic Alternative

Check out the following queries and their responses and see whether it goes some way in boosting your knowledge on the topic.

What are the four major Tempurpedic mattresses you can find in the market?

The four leading Tempurpedic mattresses are Tempur-Adapt, Tempur-Proadapt, Tempur LuxeAdapt, and Tempur-Breeze. All of them feature advanced technology, and this may explain their expensive nature.

Why do the mattresses sell online seem cheaper?

This is because online shops have fewer overhead costs as compared to physical ones. So, you can expect this benefit to be translated to low pricing for the customers.

What factors should I focus on before settling for a particular unit?

The factors that should guide you as you search for the perfect product include firmness, customer and expert reviews, ease of cleaning, your budget and warranty terms, and sleep trials.

These aspects are the ones that would put you on the right track toward finding the perfect item.

Our Top Pick

In the end, we settled on Puffy Mattress as the best product possible. This is because we felt it is the one that is closer to Tempurpedic mattresses in terms of the features it packs. It may be pricey, but once you look at what it offers, it is easy to understand this pricing.

Final Word

With that, we hope you have seen that you do not have to spend a fortune to enjoy the benefits of the best Tempurpedic alternative mattresses. There are cheaper alternatives in the market that would offer you similar comfort and support levels that you have been yearning for as you sleep.

The products we have analyzed above are some of the best you may ever come across, and if you settle for any of them, you would be on the right path to finding the ideal item.

We can only wish you the best of luck in your search!

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