Bedtech Mattress Reviews in 2023 – Our Verdict!

If you’re mattress shopping, finding the right bed is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. But with so many brands out there, which one do you choose?

Well, the Bedtech mattress brand could be worth considering if you’re looking for extremely comfortable bedding.

Although not a popular manufacturer, Bedtech provides a wide range of products that are comfortable, affordable, and high-quality. The brand also prides itself in offering:

  • Fast delivery services
  • Great customer support
  • Mattresses with cooling features

But how does it compare to other popular brands like Sealy and Serta? And do the beds even sleep cool?  Here are our unbiased Bedtech Mattress reviews.

Why Buy Bedtech Mattresses? – Pros & Cons

Like with any other mattress manufacturer out there, the Bedtech range comes with various benefits and some drawbacks. These include:


  • Made of high-quality memory foam
  • Fast shipping services
  • Delivers maximum comfort and support
  • Ideal for all kinds of sleepers
  • Up to 10 years limited warranty
  • Wide range of beds to choose from
  • Great and helpful customer support team


  • Prices for each mattress are not available on the website
  • No free sleep trials
  • Cover and zipper are not covered by the warranty
  • Not available for purchase online

Bedtech Range of Mattresses & Their Features

One thing that sets Bedtech apart from their competition is their range of beds. You see, the manufacturer offers more than 10 range of mattresses to choose from. Yeah, you heard that right!

The best part? All of their beds come in different thickness options and sizes. Therefore, regardless of your sleeping needs, you’re sure to find a bed that suits you well.

That said, here is a detailed review of all the range of mattresses that Bedtech offers. Check them out.

Gel-Lux Memory Foam

This is their popular and best-selling model. The bed features various layers of high-density foam to ensure maximum support.

On top of that, it is equipped with a low-density foam coupled with a high-density layer of gel foam for added comfort. Additionally, this range boasts a 10-year full replacement or non-pro-rated repair warranty.

Available in up to 14-inches thickness levels, you can also get the bed in all sizes. The best part is that it’s designed to minimize motion transfer by perfectly conforming to your body while also staying cool.


As the name suggests, this range is designed specifically for children. The beds come in a wide range of thicknesses to suit every kid’s needs. And you know what the best part is? The beds are available in three bright colors to add a bit of pop to your child’s room.

What’s more? This line of mattresses features water resistant/proof covers to ensure long-lasting performance. More importantly, the beds are made to conform to your kid’s unique shape.

 On the flip side though, the beds only come with a 1-year non-pro-rated warranty.

Gel Max Memory Foam

This is a redesigned version of the Gel-Lux Memory Foam line of mattresses. As such, most of the features are the same.

To start with, like the Gel-Lux range, it also comes with a gel layer and the same comfort features. Additionally, its memory foam is designed to be less temperature-sensitive.

However, Bedtech did make a few adjustments to this range. For example, it comes with an all-new designed cover. This helps to cater to the needs of those looking for the Gel-Lux range but in a different color.

iRetreat Hybrid

Want that feeling of like sleeping on air? The iRetreat Hybrid bed series might just be what you need. This range combines the benefits of a luxury memory foam mattress with those of an individually wrapped coil bed.

And to ensure maximum comfort and support, the iRetreat Hybrid features foam encased sides along with a Lux memory foam layer.

More so, it’s CertPurUs certified against any harmful chemicals and comes with a 10-year limited warranty. So, it’s not only safe but also durable.

Copper Lux

Available in different sizes including Twin, Queen, King, TwinXL, Cal King, and Full, there is a lot to love about this range. Not only does it feature a ventilated copper-infused memory foam but also a marbel gel for added comfort.

The best part? It is engineered with a phase change cooling fabric cover. This helps to dissipate body heat, thereby allowing you to sleep cool.

As if that’s not enough, the bed is equipped with up to 7-inch base foam to ensure optimal support and durability.


Here is yet another line of premium mattresses by Bedtech. Featuring a soft luxurious cover, this range is sure to provide you with a perfect night’s sleep.

As if that’s not enough, the bed utilizes open cell soft pressure sensitive foam technology for added comfort.

And the best part is that you don’t have to worry about motion transfer if you’ll be sleeping with your partner. However, what sets the Slumber-Pedic range apart from other beds is the fact that it’s 75% cheaper than most top brands.

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iDream Hybrid

The iDream Hybrid mattress range is engineered with a gel-infused lux memory foam that is quilted into the cover. This provides you with optimal cushioning while also ensuring the bed stays cool.

What’s more? The bed boasts a layer of individually wrapped coil units along with foam encased sides to provide you with extra support.

And to make things even better, the iDream Hybrid is available in three thickness options to choose from. You can also get the bed in a wide range of sizes like Twin, TwinXL, Full, King, Queen, and Cal King.


As far as the Silverton mattress is concerned, it features soft foam fiber top layers for optimal support and comfort. On top of that, the bed is equipped with 13-gauge steel individually wrapped coils for added durability and support.

But you know what the best part is? This range of mattresses comes with ventilated mesh trim to allow improved airflow. As a result, you can sleep cool and comfortable all night.

On the flip side though, Bedtech offers this bed in only one thickness level. The good news? It is available in all traditional sizes.


According to Bedtech mattress reviews, the Alpine range is a perfect combination of both comfort and support. Its soft foam fiber top layers coupled with thick felt padded sides are designed to offer unrivaled support.

The bed also boasts 390 coil count which is relatively high. As such, it’s able to comfortably support heavy people without sagging. The high coil count also contributes to the durability of the product.

However, similar to the Silverton mattress range, this too is available in only a single thickness level. On top of that, it comes with a 5-year limited warranty rather 10-years warranty.

Pure Gel

Featuring gel cooling memory foam, the Pure Gel mattress is built to naturally contour to your body’s pressure points. This ensures superior support, especially where you need it most even after years of use.

Additionally, it comes with ventilated mesh side panels along with a 3-inch Pur Gel cooling foam to allow optimal airflow. Therefore, you can sleep cool and comfortable.

And guess what? To ensure the bed remains in top condition for many years, Bedtech made this mattress with a 4-inch high-density base foam.

Chiro-Pedic Mattress

Last but not least, we have the Chiro-Pedic bed range that is made from high-quality foam for a healthier sleep. As such, it is best suited for all types of sleepers including side, stomach, and back.

And you know what the best part is? Well, at the core of this mattress are two different levels of foam to provide you with superior support. The foam also helps eliminate all pressure points by contouring to your body.

More importantly, the bed comes with a zip-off removable cover for ease of cleaning.

Is Bedtech Mattress Range Perfect for All Sleeping Positions?

Bedtech mattresses are primarily made from high-quality memory foam. As you might know, this type of material is designed to contour to the shape of your body. This helps in relieving pressure points while also ensuring healthy spine alignment.

Therefore, whether you’re a side, stomach, or back sleeper, Bedtech’s beds can be an excellent choice for you. However, you need to choose the right firmness level to suit your sleeping style.

Temperature Regulation

If you are a hot sleeper, getting a bed that sleeps cool is important. The good news? Bedtech mattresses are designed to keep you cool.

Some models feature individually wrapped layers that circulate air throughout the interior of the mattress. Other models boast open-cell technology memory foam which aids in temperature regulation.

On the other hand, some models are made with gel-infused memory foam. Basically, the gel particles help to dissipate body heat so you can sleep cool.

Where to Buy Bedtech Mattress & Shipping?

Bedtech mattresses are available for purchase through third-party retailers across the world. This means that you cannot get your bed directly from the brand.

What’s more? There is no convenient way or tool to help you find a local stockist. The good news? Bedtech is currently working on creating a feature on their website to help you find a store near you.

When it comes to shipping, the manufacturer does not have a specific shipping policy. This is because they don’t sell their beds directly to the consumer.

Therefore, you’ll have to check with your local stockist to find out about their shipping prices, methods, and timeframes.

Warranty & Sleep Trial

Depending on the range of Bedtech mattress you choose, the manufacturer provides you with a 1-10 years limited warranty.

However, most models come with a 10-year warranty against manufacturing defects in workmanship or materials.

But for the Kids-Pedic range, the warranty is only for a year. Other models like the Alpine range, on the other hand, come with a 5-year limited warranty.

Also, it’s worth mentioning that Bedtech’s warranty doesn’t cover items like zippers, bed height, mattress softening over time, and cover. 

As far as sleep trial is concerned, the manufacturer does not offer a sleep trial on any of their mattresses.

How Do Bedtech Beds Compare to Other Brands?

Overall, Bedtech does offer a wide range of high-quality memory foam beds. Their mattresses also don’t disappoint when it comes to affordability and comfort.

And compared to other popular mattress brands like Sealy or Serta, Bedtech might slowly be catching up with them. After all, they have a mattress for nearly every kind of sleeper including hot, side, back, and stomach sleepers.

However, they should probably consider offering a free sleep trial so customers can try out their products without risking their investment. Also, it would be a good idea if they were to indicate the prices of each bed on their website.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

If you’re considering buying a Bedtech bed, it’s important to find out everything about this brand’s range of mattresses. So, below are answers to some of the most common questions concerning Bedtech mattresses.

Are Bedtech mattresses good quality?

Overall, Bedtech mattress reviews are positive and on par or even better compared to other beds in similar price ranges. Their Gel-Lux mattresses seem to have the best reviews overall.

Is it easy to return a Bedtech product?

Well, it depends on the returns policy of the dealer you buy the mattress from.

What kind of sleepers are Bedtech beds best for?

The mattresses are made from adaptable comfort layers. As such, they can conform to the shape of your body which makes them ideal for all types of sleepers.

How durable are Bedtech’s products?

Their hybrid range feature enhanced edge support, thereby making them relatively durable. Besides, they come with a 10-year limited warranty.

Do Bedtech Mattresses smell?

Similar to most beds made from memory foam, Bedtech’s mattresses do release an off-gassing odor when unpacked. Most people find the smell unpleasant but it’s not harmful and usually dissipates in a couple of days.

Bottom Line

Now that you’ve got all the information about Bedtech mattress reviews, we hope you find a range that’s right for you. Their products are not only designed to last for many years but are also relatively affordable.

The only major downside is that you might have a hard time finding a local dealer near you. This is because there is no option to buy online. But don’t worry because the manufacturer is working on solving this problem.

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