Aireloom Mattress Review: The Latest Unbiased Facts

We do not know about you but a good night’s sleep is always what you need to face the day ahead. Of course, that will only be possible if you have a good mattress.

Now, you would think that picking a mattress is going to be an easy process but there is a lot of consideration and research that goes into it. Not what you expected right?

You have probably heard of Aireloom mattresses or not but it is one of the brands you need to consider. In this Aireloommattress review, we are going to look at the bad and the good of the bed so that you can make an informed choice in the end.

Keep it here for that.

Aireloom Mattress Review

Aireloom is a California based brand. The mattresses are distributed across different retailers in the US. The company’s claim to fame is their original Aireloom lift and understandably so because it enhances the regions of low pressure when you lie on the bed.

When you lay on the mattress, it conveniently adapts to the shape of your body to relieve pressure points.

Nonetheless, there are complaints about the durability of these mattresses with some users complaining that some of the models sag.

Aireloom Mattress

Another major complaint is the high pricing for these mattresses. Anyway, we are going to get into more of that later.


  • Provides motion isolation
  • Handmade
  • Made of premium materials


  • Extremely expensive
  • Can only be accessed in physical stores
  • Limited information about the mattresses

Aireloom’s Specifics

Now that you know what to expect as far as the good and the bad of this brand, you probably want to know the specs of the mattress.

First, you want to keep in mind that Aireloom has a legacy of creating a hand-made mattress using premium materials. You can imagine how much attention and detailing goes into that.

Nevertheless, there have been many complaints when it comes to the durability of the mattress.

Material Quality

You will find the construction of this product quite fascinating mainly because it features five layers but moving away from that, let us look at each of those layers closely.

The first and second layers comprise Talalay latex, which is a great material when it comes to providing comfort and coolness.

These two layers are also able to reduce motion isolation so you never have to worry about any movements made by your partner during the night in case you share a bed. Besides, the mattress stays adequately responsive so you will not feel trapped.

In the third layer, you get all the materials that are responsible for giving your mattress that luxurious feel while the fourth layer comprises memory foam that adds support to the entire mattress.

This same layer adapts to the shape of your body to ensure that your spine is properly aligned.

The fifth and final layer consists of pocketed coils that make up the base of your bed. It is uniquely designed to guarantee that you get the required support.

Mattress Highlights

All products from the Aireloom stable are known to be of high quality and this is because the company handcrafts their products hence guaranteeing extreme luxurious comfort.

Moving away from that the Aireloom, units are designed in such a way that absorbs the motion. Of course, this is something you would appreciate if you share your bed with somebody else. You will not have your sleep interrupted by your partner’s movements because the mattress comes with motion isolation.

Now you would assume that because of the motion isolation feature that these mattresses will make you feel trapped but the contrary is true.

They feel very responsive and dissipate heat hence allowing you to sleep cool throughout the night.

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Premium Mattresses

You will realize that when searching for the perfect bed online the issue of durability pops up quite a bit and it is no exception when it comes to Aireloom mattresses.

Granted, Aireloom beds are among the first-rate products you will ever come across in the mattress industry based on the construction process and materials used.

A quick glance at the company’s official website, you will discover that they sell an assortment of mattresses. There, you will find a hybrid, latex, foam, and innerspring beds.

The most outstanding thing about mattresses from the company is that their beds are handmade. Of course, we have mentioned this before but we cannot emphasize it enough.

However, can you blame us?

We think not, because this is a rare feature that not only results in premium quality but exclusivity as well. Another great thing is that Aireloom is able to maintain high-quality standards with all its various beds. That is not a common thing in the industry.

Pressure Relief Features

As you sleep, chances are that certain pressure points will form in particular areas of your body. This is especially true if you are using an old bed with springs sticking out on the sides. Needless to say, you will wake up with pain at those points every morning.

When your mattress is unable to equally disperse pressure throughout its perimeter that is when the pressure points are formed. You will realize in your search for the perfect mattress, that this is a common issue with innerspring beds particularly those at the lower quality end of the spectrum.

That said; Aireloom beds especially the ones that comprise foam and latex do provide pressure relief. This should not be surprising because the aforementioned materials are known to work well when it comes to relieving pressure.

Performance for Different Sleepers

Aireloom features a range of mattresses and you will find this to be a good thing because different sleepers will find something that works for them in the collection.

Generally, there are three main sleeping positions – side, front, and back. Of course, there are combination sleepers but that is not a standalone sleeping position so we shall not dwell much on it.

As expected, all these positions will require different conditions. It is no wonder then that some people would rather sleep on old-fashioned innerspring beds and others will not use anything else aside from foam.

When it comes to these mattresses, you will find it easy to get something that works for you. This is further confirmed by customer reviews confirming that they found a mattress that suits their sleeping position in the Aireloom collection.

Perhaps you are not aware of this but it is one thing to have mattresses constructed from different materials and another thing for them to suit different sleepers. From reviews, you will be able to deduce that every sleeping position has an ideal option in the Aireloom mattress range.

Motion Isolation

We have talked about motion isolation in this review enough times but what does it mean? Well, it is simply when a mattress is designed to contain motion on one side.

When we say that a mattress has the motion isolation feature, it means that you will not feel any of the movements that your partner makes throughout the night. How cool is that?

That is not all though; with the motion isolation feature, you will also move less because it enables the mattress to adapt to the shape of your body making it sink a little bit so your partner will benefit from that as well.

However, you want to keep in mind that this feature exists in foam beds. Spring mattresses do not isolate motion well because of their default bounciness and lack of sinkage. Therefore, you will find this feature mostly on hybrid or latex beds.

To be honest not all Aireloom beds come with great motion isolation but their foam mattresses perform well in this regard. This will come in handy if you are struggling with injuries or you simply want to improve the quality of your sleep.

Cons of the Mattress

Now that you know the benefits to expect from this mattress range, it is only fair that we discuss the cons as well.

No Online Presence

Shopping online is convenient and fast so it is no wonder that a good number of people prefer the same. However, it is quite a shame that these mattresses are not available for sale online.

Sure, you are likely to find some shady places where you can buy these mattresses online but then, you can never be sure that you are getting the authentic thing.

Therefore, if you prefer to buy your mattress online (and we understand why you would want to) you will greatly be disappointed.

Poor Edge Support

You are probably not going to consider edge support as you are looking for a mattress because it is not among the key features that people consider anyway.

Do not let that fool you; it is an important feature nonetheless. A mattress with sturdy, strong edges maintains its shape longer than an average mattress would.

This is why spring mattresses stay intact for longer compared to foam ones. The coils and springs provide excellent edge support for spring beds.

Some customer reviews complain about the absence of edge support for their foam units and while that is common with such beds, you still want to keep this in mind.

High Price Point

A good review should talk about the pricing of a product as a separate section. Not as a benefit or a shortcoming but this case is different.

First, you want to keep in mind that Aireloom bed prices are not readily available so if you are interested, you have to be willing to dig deep.

Sure, the mattresses are sold by different retailers who will quote different prices but that does not make things easier for you as a potential buyer does it?

Again, if you do get some information online, you will find that most users agree that the mattresses are highly-priced. We are looking at anything between $3000-$6800.

Undeniably, you will find costlier mattresses out there but the biggest difference here is that you will find information about them online. This means that you also get to know what users are saying about the same so you can make an informed decision.

Granted, Aireloom beds are hand-made from premium material and this offers you premium quality and exclusivity. We can take that but what about the average-earner who wants a quality bed?

The mattress reviews are far in between as well seeing, as you cannot even get a correct price estimate. Therefore, as you contemplate making your purchase, keep that in mind.

Mattress Types

It is now time to look at the different products that Aireloom has to offer. The brand comprises five mattress lines and as you may have guessed, we are about to go through each of them.

Karpen Luxury

This unit endeavors to provide you with the utmost luxury with its first-rate construction. It comes with five comfort layers and a coil design that will help you relax while sleeping.

The comfort layers comprise of zoned micro coils, Aireluxe foam, memory foam, slow-recovery viscoelastic, and organic cotton.

Other than that, the bed features a box spring made of Italian twine, a self-welting finish, and a hand-tied 8-way divan.

The mattress also has a topper which is a plush pillow top made from HiLoft FR fibers, ventilated Talalay latex, and Joma wool filling.

Karpen Side stitch

If you are looking for a hybrid of conventional innerspring designs and modern comfort foam, you will find it in the Karpen Side stitch.

It comprises three comfort foam layers including Visco memory foam, Aireluxe firm foam, and natural ventilated latex. 

Moreover, the mattress comes with 560 handmade stitches, 54 inner tufts, and 42 lbs of cotton. It is also reinforced with edge support to improve the feel and comfort of the bed.

As for the support system, this bed features high-density support foam and individually wrapped coils. This combination is supposed to ease pressure points and ultimately prevent you from experiencing aches and pains when you wake up.

Aireloom Latex

This unit features two variations; the Streamline and Luxetop design. The Streamline design features a latex core and three layers of Talalay latex.

As for the support system, you will find either the Energex core system or Aireloom Unitized core combined with an encased support system.

Furthermore, the Streamline includes a box spring to help you get the most responsiveness from your bed. The box spring comes in 9″ or 5″ versions.

Moving on swiftly, the AireloomLuxetop design is somewhat similar to the Streamline. The only difference is that its top layer is made of Visco foam and what this does is to make the top layer more responsive.

With the Luxetop design, you also get better body contour than you would get from ventilated or standard latex foam.

The unit also features a Pillowflex layer that makes the mattress feel softer. Of course, this is because the pillow top is made from HiLoft FR fibers, wool, and silk.


In this Preferred bed collection, you will get the Channel Streamline, Streamline, and Luxetop designs. Each of the designs comes with different firmness levels to guarantee that you get the support you need. 

All the units in this collection comprise micro coils and comfort layers. With such a combination, you can be assured of pressure point relief without having to forego the plush, welcoming feel that a good mattress should offer. The comfort layers are made of Viscoelastic memory foam, Aireluxe foam, Talalay latex, and CelesionPLUS. The upholstery layer consists of 8 lbs of cotton and 19 gauge micro coils.

Moving on to the support system, you get a support core with about 15 individually wrapped coils and a high-density enclosed edge support system.

As for the Luxetop version of this collection, you get a pillowtop. The Streamline does not come with one. The Channel Streamline uses a different top cover instead of the conventional diamond-quilting pattern that is synonymous with many covers.

This improves moisture-wicking and airflow to keep you cool and dry while sleeping.

Aspire Hybrid

Lastly, we have the Aspire Hybrid collection that utilizes a combination of foam and individually wrapped coils to give you that unique feel that you will be hard-pressed to find in other beds.

This unit comprises several comfort layers of Phase Change foam that help in controlling the temperature. Aside from that, the mattress comes with layers of Aireluxe and Visco foam.

You can get the box spring in 9″ or 5″ of height additional support using a semi-flex and v-shaped web. The support system comprises a high-density enveloped edge support system as well as separately wrapped coils.

A king bed will have 992 perimeter coils while a queen will have 830.

Where can you buy an Aireloom Mattress?

Regardless of whether you are searching for an Aireloom mattress review for your leisure or you are interested in buying a bed, you want to keep in mind that the mattresses are only accessible in physical stores.

You heard that right – although the company offers a broad range of beds they only sell them through brick and mortar stores across the country. Unfortunately, this can be an inconvenience for some people.

That said; this little impediment does not take away from the benefits that the beds come with and most people are usually okay with this.

Aireloom Mattress Cost

Depending on the model and size, these mattresses go for about $1,300-$7,500. Several of the mattresses cost more than $7500.

Nevertheless, a typical queen size mattress will cost you about $2500. As you can see, these mattresses are anything but cheap but they are definitely luxurious with 75% general customer satisfaction.

What are Customers Saying?

Going through different reviews, you will realize that not being able to access the Aireloom beds online could be an issue.

There is also a lack of information about these mattresses. According to many users, it was a struggle trying to find reviews and general information about the brand online.

What is even worse is that the information you get from the company’s website is not any better. Going through it, the only things you will get are brief descriptions and snippets of its products and that is all.

Therefore, if you care about researching before making a purchase, you may find it easy to dismiss Aireloom beds.

On the other hand,

A good number of customers are satisfied with the performance of these mattresses as far as comfort, sleeping cool, and motion isolation are concerned.

As such, if you can get past the high pricing of the mattresses and the limited information about the brand’s products, Aireloom beds are certainly worth considering.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

At this point, you probably have several questions you want to be answered when it comes to these mattresses.

We have tackled a few that could be of help.

Why are Aireloom mattresses so costly?

This is mainly because the brand sells quality artisanship and luxury. The manufacturer uses premium materials in the construction of the beds.

We are talking about materials such as tempered steel coils, organic and natural fabrics, Certi-PUR US foams, and natural latex.

How often an Aireloom mattress be rotated?

First, you want to note that there is a difference between flipping and rotating. You should not flip your mattress but rather rotate it.

Do it from in a 180-degree manner from head-to-toe every 2-3 months to avoid indention. Should you feel that your bed is wearing unevenly, you would want to rotate it more often.

Can my mattress last 20 years?

Yes, that is possible but highly unlikely. The longevity of your bed relies on factors such as the quality of its construction and how much wear and tear it is exposed to.

Some beds like latex and memory foam can last more than 15 years, which is more than the average innerspring bed, can last.


In our honest opinion, we think that Aireloom beds are certainly a daunting choice but they still offer great benefits.

These mattresses come with great firmness, support, and comfort, as well as impressive aesthetics, owing to their beautiful hand-made designs.

With these mattresses, you not only get a higher-end sleeping solution, but also a stylish addition to your bedroom.

If you can relinquish the lack of information and high pricing to get a premium handmade and high-quality bed, then Aireloom beds are certainly worth considering.

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